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UI blank space

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I understand that work is being done on the UI and was wondering if any use was going to be made of the dead areas to the left and right:


(It's not that the empty areas bother me, I don't even notice them any longer. )

I'm guessing that there may be technical reasons why nothing too dynamic should be in there and also that people playing real time won't want

to have to look at both areas of the screen for transient info.

Mind you, having just spent ten minutes playing without realising I had turned off trees, I can think of one piece of info that would be useful.

And maybe something about the status of mission objectives (achieved or not) might be good.

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IMO the GUI should be at least partially customizable so that players can adapt it to their preferences, monitor size etc. There is a lot of information available in the current GUI that I never look at, but quite a few things that I would like to have available are not there.

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