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M1 KO'd by RPG?

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Hey folks - I'm trying to find a thread or 2 that I thought was on here about an M1 (or plural) being KO-ed by RPG's - RPG-29?

I've spent a couple of days searching here & on the 'net - there are plenty of articles on the 'net, but I am sure the discussion here was more complete than those I've found.

Does anyone else recall it?



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This gives some AARs and lessons learned. The basic thrust is that no M1 was ever 'killed' in the sense of the vehicle being destroyed. The combat losses due to enemy fire were mobility kills, especially penetration of the track skirts and ignition to ammo stores in the turret. The tanks thus disabled were from anti-armour RPG rounds and even 25mm fire into the engine compartment. Not a bad kill for a 25mm crew though you'd have to have balls of steel!!

PS: I think SO that you might be thinking of a discussion on the Merkavas in 2006 Lebanon.

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