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  1. As the US force, you essentially have to take what you are given, and push forward, even if you find yourself in deep %^&*, you have to keep pushing forward, keep firing. Laying down enough covering fire can help, as even if you don't kill any of the Tangos, if you can keep their heads down it lets you move. I like that the mission is not dependent really on killing anyone...this is closer to our ROE there. Accomplish the mission, save your own guys, and only kill what is necessary to meet those two requirements. Therefore, for most of my mission, I did not use "aimed" fire very much, inst
  2. Long story short, with AAR coming when I get a chance to get home and put it together.. I did it from 1 primary direction, though I looked at all options. The opfor is well put together, they get in their shots, don't really have staying power, but then, don't need too much as a few hits is enough to give them what they need. There really was nothing that I saw in the scenario that I would say needs changing. Loved it! Ron
  3. Alright, got a late start, but playing some now with this..just want to share an initial reaction. The map is as stated many places above, phenomenal. Luck also plays a large part. I survived my first couple of (very intense) minutes with only 1 minor injury (the yellow coded players) despite the feeling for a moment that the entire city was attacking a'la Mogadishu. To be realistic, I also intend to follow Erwin's method of providing aid to wounded. I will let you know more later as I wrap it up, but all I can say now is WOW..helluva job LLF.
  4. Yes, but I think they will be annoyed if you call them Wehrmacht now also. The military is the Bundeswehr now.
  5. IMO, It is good to give the option. The ability to recreate a historical outcome, by using the historical choices, IS a good part of CMSF. However, there are many small variables that all added up to the historic outcome, which are not easily modeled. Therefore, it is good to not constrain the players to follow historic paths. One of the best, most interesting parts, of wargaming, is the ability to see "what if..." scenarios. If not for this ability, no one would ever want to play them, as we already know the historic outcomes of wars. From the looks of your map, a tremendous amount of work w
  6. Got it working left flank! Thank you for the help!
  7. Did you mean to set both times to zero, or just "after" to 0:00 ?
  8. Thank you. I have them arriving at 5 minutes in, behind only a scout screen with a different plan. The scout screen does not move either,just stays in it's setup place,but at least it seems willing to fire on enemy contacts. Do you know if the setting for normal/cautious/etc has any effect on this? It is the only part I am not understanding well, I went back to some other scenarios where units acted in something like the manner I am looking for here, and tried to copy the settings from there, to here,but seems not to work. "reverse engineering" at it's worst lol.
  9. Alright, am still having difficulty with this, and I am quite sure I am following the idea closely. A couple of questions in particular.... I have a group of blue vehicles (a convoy) entering the map on a road...intending to have them basically follow the road,and engage only targets that they need to engage, in order to reach another objective at the other end of the map.."on any given day, an easy run,but not on this day....." kind of thing. The problem is that no matter what times i put along their way points, they never leave where they first deployed to. As very many people have design
  10. This happened to me in my first run through as well..you want to yell at the TC "Hpt., Halten!!" but it is too late...
  11. I think this is what you are looking for: http://users.erols.com/chare/cm/ </font>
  12. There is a website mentioned elsewhere in this forum, which shows alot of work by a Chris who has put together spreadsheets and a decent database showing most of this, including things like hit%, kill% vs different units, etc..I will try to dig and find where I saw it.
  13. This probably is a workaround rather than a bug. However, for what it is worth, the Wehrmacht did have the primary command of most tanks overall in the hands of officers who were not actually in the tanks themselves, although admittedly not down at the platoon level. Also current doctrine and training in US forces would allow for this at times, as most US armored units, again above platoon level though, answer to officers who are not actually in a tank themselves. Overall, it likely is not an exploit however, as IRL the tanks would have some sort of platoon level command structure left. It
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