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new campaign for Centauro


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You can fin here a new campaign for Centauro.

It is the adaptation of the "Gavrus campaign".

So READ CAREFULLY instructions, because it is not a classical campaign.

Be sure that you take all the optionnal units in the selection screen, or it will not work properly :eek:

I would like to thank Eniced and Alan123 for their help.

Without them, it would have not be possible to finish this work ! ;)

In this page, it is the number 24, title "The attack of Sened", click on "télécharger" (that means DL)


Have fun :D

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This campaign is really good and shows how TOW can be adapted to work in a non linear fashion.

Other key features that make the game enjoyable:

The whole map has been used so there is plenty of room for movement, flanking etc.

There are no sudden attacks by mass enemies in the flanks right at the last moment.

Forces are balanced so that you have a good mix of infantry and AFVs. It is not a tankfest nor is it one of those fiddly one squad "elite mission" games.

The mission briefings are accurate and the victory conditions clearly set out so that you know what you have to do.

There are lots of random triggers so that no 2 games are exactly alike and there is always a surprise to be had.

Great work, well done.



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Ditto to Alan123's assessment of Arzoks campaign.


Time restraints put me in a bind and I was not able to get back to you on a timely basis on testing. But I did play it and would definitely recommend to anyone out there playing as a must have. You guys are keeping it fresh with new missions and mods. Wish I had the time and know-how to be as creative.

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No problem !

You help me a lot for the Gavrus campaign. I re-used a lot of the work for this centauro campaign (especially text, that you help me to write in good english), so you contribute to this campaign also :)

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