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  1. Thank you You can save some AP amunition by using HE against light polish tanks. It is very efficient against these light tanks (tks, vickers...) !!! Keep AP against R35 / H35 !!!
  2. I made a translation of this T28 mod. I added a small mission to test this splendid unit. ftp://ftp.reseau-js.com/sudden/TheatreOfWar/t28.zip
  3. in the game... A splendid unit !
  4. It was not written in any message. In fact, this is a (small) error. German abandonned the area, and not surrendered in this battle. As this occured at the end of the mission, and as the end means less than 6 german soldiers, you can have few german soldiers after that ! Sorry ! and thank you for the feed back
  5. It is funny. I did not see this during my test. But it is possible, as at the end of the game, germans surrender. So I use the instruction changearmy ( army , 2 , 1 ) at the end of the game. It explains why you have german soldiers with you... I was not aware of that consequence !
  6. Infantry is useful to 2 tasks : 1/Spot ennemies. So you need to hide them, and hold the fire. 2/When there is no more tanks, to fight ennemies. So if there are still ennemy tanks, hide the infantry, and hold the fire. So if you have understood, hide infantry, and hold fire, 90% of the time...
  7. Hi Here is a google translation from french of a guide for new player. It was wrote for TOW 1, but it can be used for TOW 2&3. http://translate.google.fr/translate?hl=fr&sl=fr&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.39-45strategie.com%2Fjeux-video%2Ftheatre-of-war%2Ftheatre-of-war%2Faide-de-jeu%2F or in french : http://www.39-45strategie.com/jeux-video/theatre-of-war/theatre-of-war/aide-de-jeu/
  8. T28, made by Svarrog (russian modder)
  9. Yes, mission "counterstroke at Stonne" No boat that can be used. But sometimes, river can be crossed by soldiers and tanks, that depends of the property of the river. If you make a mission from german side, I can try to make the french side
  10. Here is the link for the "provence campaign", french 44. Don't be desapointed, there are few tanks for this campaign (as it was in reality, the provence campaign was not a big tank battle...) Two single missions are also corrected in the package (St Mere crossroad and take the bridge) for EWM 1.5.5 v5 the link : ftp://ftp.reseau-js.com/sudden/TheatreOfWar/ProvenceCampaign.zip @johnW, did you succeed to play the mission 4 ?
  11. I think you speak about [la_ravit] There are 2 mortars, I can suppress one or even these 2 mortars, and add one or two more tanks and one more squad for germans
  12. I am back, I will install it this week. Have you begin to make a mission ? There is a squad leader mission on this battle, that can help to set up units.
  13. Hi Good news !!!! You have 2 missions from me ([TOW3ww2]le_herisson & [TOW3ww2]La_ravit), or I forgot one ???
  14. No. It was only for test. As Tartar is the author, he is the only one who can decided if it is OK for release.
  15. The first part of his mod was ready (Kursk in Korea), as far as I understand.
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