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  1. The best campaign in my opinion was the Centauro Italian campaign. Though lately the campaigns being issued are so small in mission number that you can only really call them an operation. This game has the potential to cover the whole African conflict from 1941 (as the Germans and allies) or even earlier as the Italians and Allies Yes it was frustrating having Italian tanks as they are so bad, however the design of the campaign and missions was well done. Use of big maps was a welcome relief. Too many times a good mission is spoilt by having to work on a postage stamp of a map where the cam
  2. The German campaign was by far the best of the "in the box campaigns". If anything they were a little too easy (probably solely because their equipment is so good when properly employed), but immensely enjoyable. The missions were all good and it is too hard to pick a winner. I do remember enjoying the last 2 missions the most. Once again I would have liked to have seen the full pallet of units available for each mission plus free choice slots and no points to limit the fun. Have a force pool approach to unit choice rather than the silly point system. More missions would have been
  3. My comments on the British campaign are: 1. Way too short, it hardly got started before it was over. A campaign should have 10+ missions in it IMHO. 2. Missions were all good and challenging, hard to pick a winner. 3. As for my other comments in the other campaigns I would like free slot choice and not be limited by points. It should be like Close Combat 5 where you pick and choose from what you have left in your force pool. 4. I would like to be able to see the map before unit selection takes place. 5. During play I would like to be able to move the minimap around to face the direction
  4. I have finished the USA campaign and my final comments are: The bypass missions were frustrating and not a good idea. Like Gnasher says it is a battle between you and the game designer. The first mission was the best and was a lot of fun to play out. The fixed unit slot idea should be gotten rid of and one should have a free choice as to what one takes into battle. There were not enough missions in the campaign, in fact you could hardly call it a campaign. AL
  5. Gnasher, As a modder are you able to make a mod that does away with other annoying features (that sadly have made there way into Kursk as well) such as: Everything costs points (why?) One should have a force pool and pick and choose units regardless of cost to suit the mission, just like in real life. Fixed unit type allocation slots. Now one is forced to take units into battle that do not belong there. Can you make the slots so that they are free for any type of unit? Reinforcements are offered on a success basis, the better you do the more you get, this is also not real, what really
  6. Gnasher, I am glad you think the same. These sort of mission designs remind me, OMG , of Command and Conquer type games that I played as a kiddie. If all the missions are like these I am going to give up on TOW2. As you say, the mission design forces one to do silly things in order to win and that would not occur in real life. By the way have you gone gold yet on your excellent TOW1 Bulldog Campaign, I am longing to play that all the way through? I hope TOW2Kursk does not have this sort of rubbish in it. The Demo mission was ok though so I am hoping for the best. AL
  7. Tebessa is as bad as Kasserine Pass, endless repetition and saved games all because one tank or man slipped through.
  8. Wow Sounds great. I think it is fantastic that these game makers read the posts and make the changes from the feedback even if they write negative stuff to begin with. Alan
  9. Thanks for making the changes to the recon vehicles, will you do the scout squads too? Alan
  10. Hello Phil, Well I got through the Kasserine Pass USA mission by trying just about every trick in the book. I could not have succeeded without constantly saving and reloading the the game after making sure each enemy wave and the artillery spotters were dealt with successfully. I have never had to play this way before and really it is cheating and not a lot of fun. And now onto the next one. Alan
  11. Hello Phil, I must have tried at least that amount of times too yesterday! What I did was build the best unit I could in the roster, this was 3 Lees 3 ATGs and then the rest as infantry (which is about 2 green units that are as good as useless) After each successfully defeated German wave I saved the game. I reached the point where my force as still intact but had no AT ammo or no ammo at all and the German waves were still coming plus renewed artillery barrages. Eventually one German tank or a handful of infantry will slip through and win the game. My thought is that there i
  12. I am playing the USA campaign at the moment. I think there is a bug in the Kassarine Pass game as, besides the UK tanks, one receives no reinforcements at all and even if you manage to keep your units alive you end up simply running out of ammo as waves of germans with never ending artillery barrages keep coming out of the passes. It is also pure luck if the german artillery spotting team is destroyed and the first series of artillery barrages ends. But even if they are destroyed early in the game, lots of artillery barrages still come with wave 5+ of germans. I have had a look at the
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