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Newbie Questions

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Hi all

I'm testing for first time Strategic Commander WWII GC. And I have a basic questions to veterans gamers of this game.

- How is possible that Japan has more MPPs than Germany in beginings of 1939 campaing? And, How can we increase the available MPP of any nation?

- In diplomacy, you can spend some MPP over any country to gain something. What does we will win with it? For example, if we are Germany, do we need to press Italy?

- Can we modify the units under command of any HQ? adding or removing units? For example, can we add some unit to Bock HQ in 39?

-- I will add more basic questions --

-- If there are any manual of game, let me know please! --


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#1 game balance due to its design

#2 Generally follow history and things will be fine. The dip points are for "what if" countries. Italy automatically comes in on Germany's side about when France is getting the crap kicked out of it.

#3 I believe so by right clicking. I have never done it though. You can manually set an HQ. Follow common sense with Windows. right click a unit, left click.

#4 manuals should be somewhere in the directory of the game.

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Hi Warphammer,

The Axis income collection amounts can be a little misleading as Japan receives a high valued convoy from the Dutch East Indies at 90 MPP and its base MPP is boosted by several US oil mines reflecting the US oil trade to Japan. These can be found on the bottom right hand portion of the map.

Initially this has it appear that Japan is collecting more than Germany but its base income is actually rather low and once the Dutch East Indies convoy is no longer available to Japan and once the US cuts off the oil to Japan, Japanese income will severely drop and this usually happens in mid 1941.

The only reason the DEI convoy is so high and that Japan recieves significant US oil income is to reflect the importance of these resources to Japan and how it will affect them once they are cut off, i.e. Japan needs to aggressively prepare for all out war in order to maintain her military capability once her MPPs are cut in 1941.

Germany can press Italy and this will only help to have them join earlier than they did historically but otherwise Al is correct, Italy will eventually join and the Diplomatic points may be better spent on other countries like Spain that can help the Axis out if they can then gain control of Gibraltar etc.

For HQs you can right click on it and toggle the HQ mode from Auto, to Auto-Assist to Manual and this will then allow you to change the HQ attachments.

For the User Manual, if this is a review copy you received it should be included with the installation as a PDF file. You can access this in the Program Group links for the game or if you navigate to the installation directory you can find it there.

Additionally it is online found here:


If you prefer, you can also contact me directly at info@furysoftware.com if you have more questions.


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