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ATI user that want fog look here.

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Does it come with an uninstall feature and does it save your current settings should want to revert to your original card?

It does have an uninstall feature. However ATI Rage people are SOL. From the Help file...

"Currently it will only work on graphics cards with either the ATI Radeon or the NVIDIA Geforce family of chips. The new XGI Volari family should work, too, but this is completely untested. It also requires an MMX capable processor from your preferred vendor (read: anything sold in the last hundred years or so)."

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From what I can tell here you're looking at a 'Glide wrapper'. It's a utility that interprets Glide API calls into OpenGL. At that point the videocard's OpenGL drivers are responsible for the display output. The Glide API was designed by 3dfx - a once premiere, but now defunct 3D hardware company (what remained of it was bought by Nvidia).

This software is not going to do anything for CM. This software interprets Glide API calls into OpenGL. CM is not written in the Glide API, but in Direct3D (DirectX). This software is useful for those games that have been written in the Glide API, but nothing else (or possibly better written in the Glide API). Game developers have generally stopped developing in the Glide API several years ago.

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Actually there are other videocards that will do fog in CM. However they're not very powerful or very popular. Nvidia-based videocards are probably the best solution if you want fog in CM, though the ATI cards have a nicer anti-aliasing quality.

Unfortunately the only solution to this will be when ATI decides to support fog-tables/particle fog in DirectX. CMx2 will possibly (only a guess and there's no details available to anyone yet) have fog effects for the ATI cards, so the wait for the new engine goes on...

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