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  1. Thank you for this EXCELLENT answer, Schrullenhaft. I will read the article and play around with the settings. My driver, BTW, is the latest (came out a few days ago) for the card. I cannot remember the numerical sequence, but it's obviously and 8000 series driver. Also, the card (8400 GS) is a DX 9 card, at least according to the display tab in DXDIAG.
  2. Hi Schrullenhaft, You helped me with the Nvidia Control Panel Settings a few years ago (for my GeForce 7600GT card), and it was VERY helpful (antialiasing, supersampling, textures, etc.). I have a new card for my back up computer, a GeForce 8400GS (512) card. Can you give me the optimum settings for this card? I have jaggies on the CMAK and CMBB vehicles and other units and would like to get rid of them. This card should be good enough to run without them, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. CORRECTION: the "display" tab on the menu bar under the display category does NOT read "identify profile" but rather "identify display". I need to figure out if my GeForce 7600 GT is compatible with a widescreen (for 'native resolution') according to another web site. PLEASE HELP! Thanks much!
  4. Yikes, I could not find anything under "Display" in the NVidia driver's control panel except a drop-down that read, "identify profile" which, when selected, gave me a black screen with a big number 1 on it. I can't see options for scaling anywhere. Frustrating. Redwolf, I'm not a geek with computers, so maybe you could give the steps for both options? I would GREATLY appreciate it. I would hate to return the monitor because it doesn't work with combat mission. I suspect it's a user problem!
  5. Redwolf, I just hooked up a new 19" wide screen LCD (Acer) to my computer. The combat mission vehicles look slightly "stretched" (i.e., the Shermans look longer and lower and so do all the other vehicles). It's not really bad, but I had a perfect situation with my square 17" Sceptre. I thought it would be an upgrade to have this 19" wide Acer. My current display setting is 1024x768. I have a GeForce 7600GT card and the graphics are crystal clear, but.......I have tried different display settings and can't seem to get the right (near perfect) look of the units. Any clue on what I ca
  6. Schrullenhaft: does the ATI 9600 cards (that support fog tables) work with Vista?
  7. I'm sorry; I missed that "semi-announcement". I guess they are doing what I was hoping they would...
  8. What about this: I send captured men to my side of the map and then march them OFF OF THE MAP altogether. I assumed (but have never checked - shame on me) that I get points for those captured men. Does anyone know if this is the case?
  9. It seem unthinkable that BF would not tell us 'it's dead' if they KNOW it's dead. :confused: That would equate to intentionally ticking off some of your most loyal customers. :mad: I think they are trying to put it together and MAY not pull it off. Hence, no announcements for a long time. That's my take. If they do it successfully, great. If not, they will probably announce (explain) that they tried but couldn't do it for whatever host of reasons. But to know it's dead, say nothing, and just make your customers wait forever? That would be horrible business practice. :eek: I
  10. That I don't know, Sgt. AA. I skimmed through the section on BT-7s in my MBI book and didn't see a reference to this.
  11. Thanks guys. I didn't check CMBO section, Philippe; I only do CMAK (CMETO mod) and CMBB. But will follow your instructions! Thanks.
  12. Thanks Philippe, Actually, I love CMMODS and have downloaded quite a bit of graphics MODS from there, but did not think to check for wav mods until after posting! There are a few; very few. There is one under a file name of something-maxim and it has some music and one or two voice files. Oh, well. Thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Are there any places where you can get wav mods -you know, different language/sound bytes to replace existing ones? (for CMAK and CMBB)? Thanks for the help.
  14. Hey John, The MBI book gives the following (exact) information: BT-2: 70 mph (wheels); 40 mph (tracks) BT-5: 70 mph (wheels); 40 mph (tracks) BT-7: 45 mph (wheels); 31 mph (tracks) Evidently, the difference between our two references (books) is 2 mph with respect to the BT-7 operating on tracks. Ironically, my book (or one with similar specifications for this AFV) appears to have been used by BFC for giving the BT-7 its max speed. Close enough either way. The earlier BT models (2 and 5) were evidently faster! Thanks for weighing in, John.
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