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Hello, i have just uploaded my latest MOD into the repository, calm before the storm.

This MOD originally started out as Honch first PDE mod, then i added more parts of africa and India, then i decided to adjust the starting date to 1938 and compress some german land gains 1935-1939 into 1938 august to 1939, so the game starts august 1938 with a small and almost unarmed Germany following the Versailles peace treaty. I increased the map both x and y to get europe a bit bigger and to get Germany into more correct shape.

I also moved Moscow a little bit eastwards and added more of eastern USSR.

I have tried to come up with as many decision events as possible (+70 right now), most of them are german since i usually play as german against allied AI, i also think it´s easier to come up decision events with axis AI, since it is the axis that historically was the aggressive in the start.

I have also tried to add as many pictures as possible to get more "life" into the game.

There are also many new pop up events, strength, supply and more, surface raiders, foreign volunteers for germany, partisans, free allied troops and so on.

I have also put in some planned but enver carried out operations (Ilona, Isabella, Fall anton, Fall Schweden)

Enjoy and please give comments on what to improve.

NOTE: It consists of 2 files in the repository, one is media since it was too big to upload as one file.

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.1

Changes in v1.1

Added many german unit events in the later years (42-45)

Changed Kleist Panzer to corps in decision event attacking Greece

Added some USSR units in events, mostly in the caucasus

Lowered strength on 2 german armies in the production queue

Changed research some, mostly USSR increasement

Lowered chance that Spain offers Germany ports (from 40% to 20%)

Changed ownership of one tile from Germany to Austria

Added activation event if Germany attacks Yugoslavia

I usually play on 50% difficulty and 1,0 experience.

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Thanks, thats nice to hear, and yes i think so too!

I have some improvemets to be made on it still.

I will add more activation scripts and i believe there are some problem with the convoys later in the game, please report if you see this problem.

I am not clear it the balance is rght for the game between Germany and USSR

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Hi Cantona66,

I like the mod also very much. I played on 100% difficultiy an 2,0 Experience to see if

the allies AI could win. Well I'm now in 1942 and it's not decided finally yet.

A few comments what I noticed so far:

Not much to do in 1938 (at least at the beginning) to weak troups and to little PP to

do go to war. Only thing I could do was to attack Denmark.

I think I would be nice if Italy could do some fightings in Africa, but don't know if this

is possble if Italy is not in war yet.

Italy is VERY weak in PPs only after Germany conquers some minor contries (let Italy take the capital) it could paticipate in the fight. Even then it's hard for italy to keep up his force in good shape.

Britain is to defensive. Except for some bombing in France and some navy attacks it did not try to invade france or norway even if they are quite undefended.

They should do some offensive task like a paratroop attack on italy or greece.

Russia came into war quickly but did not manage it to break to the (at certain times) weak german defence lines. It's more an attrition battle, they should try to focus there attack and make better use of tanks and artillery.

Great to see so much decicion events. Sometimes they are already outdated eg. prepare and do the attack on norway even when norway was already conquered.

Is it possbile to check if the event is still an option?

In Central-Africa and India not much happen, since Italy is too weak and supply is generally to low. How about some cties/Mines/oil which provides supply and will make the fight worthwhile. I know it was only a secondary theatre in WW2, but if it is included why not give something to fight for. Maybe a decision if Germay will support Italy in Central-Afrika would be good.

One small mistake one army is called 'Liebstandarte', the right name would be 'Leibstandarte'

Overall you have done a great job, thanx a lot for the work!

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Hello and many thanks for the many comments and improvement suggestions, glad you like it.

I have as you may have seen uploaded v1.1 that is more tough for the axis i believe and a v1.2 will come shortly also, then i will adress some things you point out.

Yes, the German army is very weak 1938, but i wanted to compress all pre war land and you can decide on research and which units to buy for both Germany and Italy to be prepared when the main war starts.

And i can not see how Italy could fight in Italy, not sure on this one, does not know what happens if Italian East africa is active before Italy.

Italy should be weak since they whore very weak, they did have quite a big army and that i have tried to solve by giving them quite a few armies but they are very low strength in the beginning.

I have now adjusted some decision scripts to prevent them turning up it they are outdated (not sure if it works, i set CONDITION_POSITION that the country to be attacked should have one unit in their capital and the unit should be allied (or neutral i some cases) and from the home country, not sure what happens if for example Switzerland that is neutral have been influenced to become allied, will the script not work then?

Regarding UK is defensive, true, but there are amphibious scripts to attack Norway, but if you garrison the cities they are not activated.

And for East and central Africa, i am not sure, the Italians have quite a few units like they had but in reality they where defeated fast by the british, but maybe i should add a decision for Germany to send some support troops and i agree that some mines should be added. It seems to be possible to have East Africa activated and be able to fiight a war in africa even though Italy is not activated.

Again, many thanks for the great feedback, enjoy!

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Hello again, thanks to Isnogud for some inspiring comments, it gave me some ideas i not had thougt about.

It has not been playtested so please do, i hope all new things works, i do not believe next update will be this big!

I am not sure if Germany is too strong now, lets see.

There are some pictures in the media library in the 1938 .... file keep them there and copy all media files in the separate media library into 1938/media also (The media files is too big to get place in the compressed Media library) The media library is also updated now.


Changes in v1.2

Added more activation scripts related to decision events

Made spelling corrections in decision events

Corrected Special forces SS Leibstandartes spelling (Isnogud)

Added photos

Adjusted size of photos

Corrected a few names of pictures

Added a few pictures to resource events

Replaced 2 photos

Changed some terrain in Africa

Changed UK and Italy research some

Created small german colony i East Africa (to get other scripts working)

Added tech to a few USSR units

Added pop up event, Germany and Turkey non aggression agreement

Corrected one amphibous minor event regarding UK invading Norway

Changed activation of Anglo Egypt Sudan to 70%

Changed activation ofItalian East Africa to 100%

Adjusted some decision scripts to prevent them turning up it they are outdated (not sure if it works, i set CONDITION_POSITION that the country to be attacked should have one unit in their capital and the unit should be allied (or neutral i some cases) and from the home country, not sure what happens if for example Switzerland that is neutral have been influenced to become allied, will the script not work then? (Isnogud)

Added some mines and oil wells in Africa, and also gave names to some (Isnogud)

Changed the Italian decision scripts from Fuherhauptqartier to Italian Headquarter and Mein Fuhrer to Il Duce

Changed DE36 to move FSJ to North or East Africa (instead of Greece) and it´s pairing unit event

Changed wording in DE64

Added decision script 83 if Germany shall create Deutsches Ost Afrika Korps and pairing unit scripts

Added decision script 84 if Germany should send supporting engineers to East Afrika

Changed German garrison corps in Norway to only be AI

Removed one italian corps to be sent to Iraq in a event

Removed one iraq corps in a variant event

Added a decision script 82 to send german support to Italian East Africa or Iraq and pairing unit event

Added a decision script 85 to send german support to Iraq and pairing unit event

Added unit event to Anglo Egypt Sudan

Added unit event to Amman

Added unit event to Saudi Arabia

Added more french partisans

Removed german paratroopers from on decision event

Added Italy Waffen SS event

Added one militia event at N´Djamena, Malaki and Nairobi

Made some changes to Anglo Egypt Sudan and British Africas force pools and production queue

Changed unit event for Luftflotte5 to be valid not only for AI but also human player

Added one corps in the force pool for Syria, Saudi Arabia, Italian East Africa and Trans Jordan

Increased Italian East Africa HQ, one corps and artillery strength to 6 (from 2)

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.3

Ok sometimes it goes fast between the uploads, sorry for that but after some playtesting i made more changes mostly concerning Africa.

No changes for media.


Changes in v1.3

Removed one activation event for USSR (there where 2 for the same issue)

Small changes in DE scripts

Added one condition more for Germany to get the Z force in unit events

Changed condition in Supply events: Axis Submarines strike at US Coastal Shipping

Changed unit script for Indian forces arriving in Sudan (wrong destination)

Added Mobasa in British Africa

Added some land to British Africa

Moved Tanga in British Africa

Added and moved rail and road in British Africa

Changed terrain in Africa

Changed arrival date of UK East africa AF in unit scripts

Added following unit scripts:

-British african Camel corps in Somaliland

-British african HQ Chater in Somaliland

-British african HQ Dickinson in Mombasa

-British african South African corps in Mombasa

-British african African corps in Tanga

-British african light cruiser KENYA at Mombasa

-British african militia at Kampala

-Belgium militia at Kigali

-French Somaliland militia

-Vichy French corps and HQ at Am Timan

-29th German unterseebotflottille to be set up in Italy

Fixed weather zone in Africa

Small changes to British Africas and Anglo Egypt Sudanese force pool and production queue

Changed name on German East Africa engineers

Added UK light cruiser Cumberland on the map

Added Italian East African Red Sea sub on the map

Created new territory event, French Somaliland joins Free France


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1938 Calm before the storm v1.4


Changes in v1.4

Added/Changed some text

Moved Belgian Congo (and added cities, mines, terrain, river and militia)

Changed some borders in Africa

Increased territory of Spanish Rio Muni and a mine also

Increased territory of Portugeese Angola and a mine also

Added mines too India

Removed dead arrows from map

Added a mine to Tanzania

Added more rail to Africa

Added 2 militia to Belgians forcepool

Added one carrier too Indias forcepool and named the Indian destroyer

Fixed spelling and country of Belgium Kigali militia

Following unit scripts added

-Belgium Congo militia (Kinshasa)

-Free Belgium (UK) Congo militia (Kinshasa)

-Free Belgium (UK) Congo militia (Kisanga)

Increased stength of 2 german armies in the production queue

Adjusted german build limit on armies to 9

Added a decision script 86 to send german support to Italian East Africa or Iraq and pairing unit event

changed name of one British africa unit script

Changed some unit scripts to be valid only for Allied AI (not human)

Changed text in pop up on 2 unit scripts

Changed experience for some USSR Unit scripts

Added 6th Army to unit script for Fall Blau

Changed failsafe date for USSR Moscow units to appear to end of 1943

Changed text in 2 decision events

Switched from army to militia in unit events for Amman, Suidan and Riyadh

Lowered all triggers for VARIANT unit scripts to 1%

Added 2 pop-up events

Changed Von Arnimns name to von Arnim, othervise the script will not recognize him and the HQ rating will be wrong.

Increased the strength of DMOK and DOAK units in the unit scripts

The decison scripts that i changed in v1.2 to prevent outdated events turning up is now changed back again, since it did not work for not activated countries. Now it is as down below:

; Dummy condition position (always satisfied)

#CONDITION_POSITION= 0,0 [0,0] [0,0] [0] [0]

I rather have some outdated decisions turning up than missing real ones.

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.5

Now v1.5 is uploaded, as uausl it will take a few hours until it is ready to be downloaded, and i have also added a few pics to Media 1


Changes in v1.5

Added town Caluula in Italian Somaliland

Added roads in Africa

Changed some terrain in Africa

Added a river in Ethiopia/Somalia

Corrected a tile ownership in Africa

Gave name to port Douala in Cameroon

Increased German build pool of armies with 1

Changed strength script linked towards Operation Barbarossa

Switched name on the Splash bmp (Intro)

Added one oilwell with Baku

Added pop-up scripts for German occupation of major allied cities and matching pictures

Changed Von Stulpnagel, Von Arnim and Von Weichs to von to get the script matched with the production queue

Increased size of French West Africa, French North Africa and Lybia (Filled in blank spots on the map)

Fixed surrender script for France (some tiles in Africa were forgotten)

Changed French West Africa from Free France to Vichy France and event to become Free France 42-11-12 (After Operation Torch Historically)

Added towns, rivers, terrain, rail to French West Africa

Added Nairobi Army group

Changed activation distance for some african militia

Added Mobasa and Kinda UK corps scripts

Fixed surrender script for Belgian Congo (1 tile was missing)

Removed picture connected to Fall Anton decision (wrong one)

Added missing links to 2 pictures

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1938 Calm before the storm v1.6

Now v1.6 is uploaded, as usual it will take a few hours until it is ready to be downloaded


Changes in v1.6

Fixed unit script for german Z plan, from type 2 to type 0 (To stop it from occuring more than one time).

Added conditions for german units to arrive before failsafe date

Changed USSR unit pool to 6 for artillery (-1)

Moved German 5th Panzerarmee to appear in the production queue from may 43 to december 42

Added 2 transport minor scripts for sending reinforcements to UK from India and South Africa

Added unit script for Oberkommando OberRhein and Himmler and matching picture

Increased German force pool with one more tank army (to 8), artillery (to 3), fighter (to 7), attackbomber (to 4)

Added 4th German Panzerarmee in the production queue for february 41

Added army and attackbomber to unit scripts for French trops to be activated at Am Timan

Clarified the text in decision 86 (added Ost)

Removed 1 corps from DAK when it is activated

Added 1 unit script for 1 corps reinformement for DAK

Added 1 unit script for Italy afrika reinforcement

Added 1 Decision 87 script for Afrika reinforcement or Europe and matching unit scripts

Added HQ Cruwell to Germans force pool

Added 1 unit script for UK North Africa reinforcement connected to DAK reinforcement DE87

Added Offensive script for UK to attack Iraq

Added UK unit script to reinforce Trans Jordan

Added Fliegerführer Irak airfleet to Unit script for German Mittel Ost Korps

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Hi Canton, I downloaded the files and extracted the folder into my campaign directory of strategic command 2. I looked at the folder and everything looks fine. However, when I start the game It doesnt show up on the list.

I am only using sc2, did I miss something?


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I'm in a pretty critical stage of the game right now, Summer of 1941. (V1.6) The game is awesome (playing as the axis 50% + .5 EX.) It's very challenging, to say the least. Luckily I had a plan to make Italy a playable faction from the very beginning, and they are finally starting to support the axis cause. Without Italy growing stronger, I am pretty confident Germany would collapse in this mod.

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