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Mine marking

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I note that the Brits, with its 1.20 patch, includes a fix for mine marking, simply described as 'Mine marking works properly' In what way? My engineers mark mines as they always did and, as they always do, they move into the field to do it. Once marked, I try to move them out and - bam - I lose one or more to mines.

That doesn't seem proper to me.

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Okay - I kept my Engineers until the marker changed colour, to yellow (amber one presumes). Never thought to leave them longer, of course. Can't actually understand why the program includes Yellow, since it is just as uncleared as Red, but I suppose it gives a visual clue as to progress.

Thanks to all who replied

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As far as I know the mines still have to blow to detect them. Which in my opinion is the one big fault of the otherwise awesome game. There could be so many more options for scenarios if mine detecting was in. You could do an accurate opening attack through a mine field while tanks and infantry provide cover fire etc.....

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