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Help with 64bit Vista Ultimate

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hi just started my new 64bit system and am having problems with cmsf files. i have the old files on a seperate hard drive which when i copy into CMSF it shows in the folder but does not show up in the game (btt and ema files). Have even copied whole game out of programs folder and placed a copy in c: directly, sill no difference, can see no files in game, in battles except what came with game, and saves stay blank no ema files showing up. can see btt files in editor but opens as blank.

hope someone can help



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This post should be in the tech support forum.

That said, where are the folders you are copying the files located? Vista has a nasty habit of apply some sort of security depending on the folders and the method of installation. Program Files folder seems to have some UAC issues where if you don't install as administrator, the software has issues because certain file extensions 'become invisible' to the rest of the software.

Not sure if that is the issue here but it is the first thing that comes to mind as to the likely problem.

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Do a search in the tech help forum. There's info in there. Having said that, I'm using vista64 ultimate as well. I found that vista "helpfully" splits cmsf into two different file locations and snafus a bunch of stuff. My solution was to modify the default install location to C:\Battlefront\CMSF. Putting a battlefront folder on the root directory forced vista to place all the cmsf files where I wanted them - in the cmsf folder. :) Now it works.

FWIW, I had to uninstall then reinstall to get this done. Simply copying and pasting did not work.

All is good now.

Good luck.


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