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Where does the AI pull transport missions from?

I have 2 simple transport missions for UK.

#1 move BEF to France type=1 size=1 it works no prob.

#2 move units from UK when it has 8 units in it to Eqypt type=2 size=1

its suppose to constantly put 1 unit every couple months in africa untill the allies take Libya, then make it cancels or it cancels if the Germans land in UK.

But the AI keeps pulling from Eqypt itself sailing through the med, then looks like going through the loop around africa to end up in the red sea, repeat process.

is there something its based on? Home land, friendly port (closest land units) magic?

BTW got the AI doing some nice tricks.


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My guess is that the #FRIENDLY_POSITION is possibly incorrect. You can have multiple #FRIENDLY_POSITON entries just make sure that the top one refers to the location from where you want to pull units from. In your example a #FRIENDLY_POSITION of London

would do the trick.

Glad to see you are getting the hang of the AI scripts!


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Its interesting to see how we both made globals but our games are quite different.

Nup and I are playtesting his game via email.

Should I assume in most cases the 1st variable usually refers to a soruce hex for units.

I have a new update coming this week. I did a lot of improvements on the AI and some nice political events. Italy can now take african colonies from France and hold them if Germany declares Vichy. A winter war option also. And an option to pull Italy in early into the war.

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