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  1. would like to try my newest version of Nupremal World with someone - please email vypuero@gmail.com
  2. anyone want to try the new version of the campaign I uploaded for GOLD? email me at vypuero@gmail.com
  3. would like to test my new scenario I just uploaded for WW I - it is a global WW II game for the WW I engine
  4. I like a limit of 1/turn repairs in ports, or maybe 2 in full strength and 1 in half strength ports.
  5. I need some more human players for my mod - please send me a note at vypuero@gmail.com - I usually prefer to run mirror games and use pbem but can play "simul" coordinating by chat during evenings and weekends.
  6. You can do that if you want to - add any country, including Croatia
  7. these are all decent ideas for the future yes
  8. One thing you may not get is entrenchment. Your odds will be bad - so soften the target up - air is best, but also you can repeatedly attack and dislodge the enemy unit once it gets down to 0 more effectively. I would suggest just playing it a lot - you will just naturally get the hang of it after awhile. The rules all make sense, actually - and just ask here you can get answers. Ports don't work at strength 4 or less, though u can land there in 2 turns (1 turn to enter, second to land). You cannot leave though unless the port is strength 5 or better.
  9. send me a turn then and we can play mirror pbems - set it for no soft builds
  10. Ok well if you can chat on windows live that would be a good idea - add me as friend, search for my email address (see above)
  11. well I am about to release 1.09 - you can add it as another one I believe, or if you want I will upload it with its own name so it can be played without overwriting the old one - which is a good idea anyway
  12. If anyone is willing to play me my Nupremal Campaign I would be interested in trying a new opponent. I have been playing Rambo a lot, so it will be a tough game I usually play mirror games, and look to do a lot of turns. I would also prefer to meet evenings/weekends on chat (win messenger) do send turns back/forth. chat/email = vypuero@netscape.net
  13. I am available for a game too - contact me by email or by windows messenger: vypuero@netscape.net
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