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just had first graphical error in forever and FAQ not working for it

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I just loaded a PBEM game on CMBB and whammo.

i get this below

I have been playing for over a year with no problems and no major changes between cards or any system at all. Just appeared today right after loading a CMAK PBEM file just fine

I have installed all the text fixes, minimized maximized, restarted, erased preferences now gonna try a restart but i doubt that'll do dang thing.

Any ideas?


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Cabe Booth,

I've been around since the CMBO Beta Demo days, and that's a first. Have you had the block analyzed for ET communications? Looks like something I saw in a movie! On a more practical note, I suggest you go here and raise the issue.

CM Tech Support



John Kettler

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Looks like somehow your CMBB font file (bitmap) or something related to it has become corrupted. I've once had a similar corruption of a texture bitmap, resulting in that texture showing as completely white. As a solution I either re-installed a mod in which that texture was, or I re-installed the whole game - can't remember which.

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