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I am thinking to use CAS in user made operations,but because of the random targetting it would be an equal threat to my forces. So I want to use CAS only in the first battle and set the bulk of my ground forces to arrive in the seccond battle in order to make my planes to hit only enemy targets(coz they are the only ones existing in the first battle).Does anybody have any tip on how to use the air force only in the first battle???


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The better the quality of the aircrews you buy, the more likely the ordnance will land on the right target, but nothing's guaranteed. Even rudimentary research will show own goals even with today's technowizardry, are frighteningly common. Unfortunately, the game doesn't allow the designation of target zones and whatnot, for tacair is oriented against a force, not a location. On a good day, it'll reach over the hill and smite a threat unseen by you; on a bad day, you may find your mounted assault collapsing in a hail of (not so) friendly rocket fire and strafing. Recommend you study the scenario Trappenjagd for a situation with massive tacair depicted.


John Kettler

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Cambronne, I don't think you can have only Air Support in a battle. I think you have to have some ground units as well in order to avoid an auto-surrender. If you give yourself a single sniper as well as your CAS, then make sure your sniper does nothing but hide during the battle, the aircraft will arrive and attack any enemy positions they can see. They will be very unlikely to spot, let alone attack, your sniper. You can then have the rest of your ground units arrive in the second battle, as you said.

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Hello Cambronne-

Something else to consider is that you can not control the weather in operations. Even if you set the weather pattern to "good" you still have a chance of rain or fog, etc. grounding the aircraft.

Sounds like this should be a battle against the AI only. If H2H, both players would be very bored.

Overall though, I think you are over-thinking the problem... CAS is more likely to hit the enemy than friendly troops.

Good luck with the operation.


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