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Performance question

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PBEM should not effect your performance at all. PBEM just means you are saving a turn then sending it by email or receiving a saved turn. Try emailing a turn to yourself and see if you get the same results.

If your email client is running in the background while CMSF is running, this could be causing some resource problems.

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Hi - I've just tried this myself and I saw no performance issues in the PBEM files when playing out each side's turns for the first 8 turns - I gave each side's tanks a hunt command to the other side of the map and was able to zoom in, select tanks and generally muck about with no problems.

However, the turns get to be 25Mb each very quickly, which seems pretty email unfriendly. I was just copying the files from my Outgoing Email folder to my Incoming Email folder in explorer rather than actually using email to send them - so maybe there's a problem with the way your email client is handling such large files? Unless you were doing the same as me, in which case I really don't know!

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An aspect of PBEM with large map scen like Bad Moon Rising is the first real files (setup and move orders, ect) are very large. There can be drags and frame rate loss. But once past those PBEM play seems to play normally. I play PBEM a lot...Playing Bad Moon at this moment. Please do let me know if trouble persist as you get into the scen.

Re: Larger PBEM files. I found my normal email couldn't handle the file size. G-mail helped but still had some problems. I dl'd the free version of "sendthisfile" and have had zero trouble since. I recommend it to all PBEM'rs...Free, easy, works 100%

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