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CMBO 2 with higher graphics is also known as CMAK. There are only a few vehicles and unit types from CMBO that don't show up in it, so many of the CMBO scenarios have been redone for CMAK. Check out the CMAK mods, particularly David Inglett's ETO mod, and take a look at the non-Italian scenarios in the CMAK Sorted Scenarios on CMMODS.

Apart from that, BTS has made it clear that there will be no going back to CMx1, which is a shame since several things that would have been quite logical to cover were left untouched (e.g. France 1940, a retro-fit of CMAK features to CMBB). As much as I love the Sealion mod, it doesn't really satisfy the craving for real French and Belgian units and the early tank battles of the summer of 1940.

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Like Shockforce we'll have the choice of real-time and the good old WEGO turn system. There isn't a lot of hard info on it at the moment that I can give you. It's expected to see the light of day in the coming year, though that's not confirmed. Modules will expand it to include Commonwealth and then go beyond the Normandy fighting. Market Garden, maybe Ardennes.

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