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strat bomber 2 strikes? why?

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Actually I find that airpower is much more useful when it has a two strike ability. Conversely AAA should also derive the same benefit as should intercepting fighters.

First of all I'm beginning to believe that TAC is too strong vs ground units when used in the double-strike capability so it needs to be toned down(strength losses) or build limits need to be tightened.

That said, the main reason I like the twin strike feature is the ability for airpower to isolate the battlefield. Reduction of supply and negating the enemy's ability to operate in units seems to be more in line with the historical reality.

Now understand if you wish to utilize airpower in this role that the results can be highly attritional if you fail to escort, provide air superiority, or the enemy employs effective tripleA.

Many times, in certain scenarios, there must be a concerted effort of the player to balance his MPP investment into replacements of air losses as they can be considerable, sometimes to the point that I would elect not to use the second strike capability.

I like the additional choice and the need of rational to employ the feature. It works effectively well in naval scenarios, as it projects a more realistic relationship of land based air(2 strikes) to CAGs(one strike) based on the amount of aircraft represented by each unit.

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I think the strat bombers work fine. As you can counter them (research AnitAIr + AA guns)

Tac Bombers are something different . I think they are much to strong. They are even worse then the aircraft in SC1.

Beefed up tacbombers can destroy each a new tank unit ( killing 6-8 Points ) in one strike . Its like the fist of god. Problem is you can´t counter them as they can be escorted like strat bombers . 2 strikes and a little artillery bombardments and any defender of a city is gone.

With other words even if the defender has 2x times the fighters as the attack it doesnt matter as the tac bombers would be immune to them.

If anohter patch comes to SC2 WAW I would love to see some features:

- No more escort for Tac bombers.

- Strap down the importance of Tac bombers (reduce for example max AT Tac of TAc to 2) or at least make anti air in cities work against them and reduce soft target attack (converting the Tac bombers at great tank killers but not a army killer too)

These changes would make England much more defensible too.

leading to my main concern:


- No capital swap to Alexandria. Terif in the end convinced me that the "best" and most effective strategy for the Allied player is to protect the Med with the whole!! English fleet, gobble up the middle east defend England only lightly in the beginning. If Germany lands worse even for them.

This kind of strategy is kind of cheesy.

Fact is:

- Its easier to defend Egypt than England

- Its nearly impossible to defend England if the German player really wants it

- You can make Egypt almost bullet-proof if you throw all reserves in the Med

- Increase penalties for attacking Syria, Saudia Arbia, Iran , Iraq (Mainly reactions by Turkey and perhaps increase the defence of Iran etc. would be logical if they see somebody gobbling up their neighbours.)

=> Right now the Med a "No go " zone is human matches according to Terif and after first play testing of this kind of extreme strategy I tend to agree.

=> It makes even sense from the economic side to do the following: Take Iraq, Iran , Saudi Arbia early on. (Even while France fighting is still going on.) The whole English fleets moves to the MEd to prevent early arrival of Axis attack forces in Afrika) All MP go to build up British defence of the Med. England will be defended lightly only by 2-3 Corps. To raise the necessary cash (To transport troops, to strengthen the troops in the Med sell for example research investments)

IF Germany takes England my cash increases with the middle east under my control, US + UDSSR KB increase ü+ investment of many MPs by Germany .

- Strap down the German fleet. No way the German fleet was able to challenge the English fleet as much as we can in SC2. Regularly I am able to gain dominance in the Atlantik vs the combined fleet of America and GB.(This is vs human players)

Point is here: Make that the English player focuses in the beginning of defending England and not Egypt as its 1st priority and open up therefore again the MEd for real combats and decsions to move troops to Egypt . I would like to have back the nail biting suspense of SC1 to decide whether to defend England or throw sand into the war machine of the Axis.

- Reduce the diplomatic penalties of the Allies attacking Norway. To prevent that the Allies always take Norway before Germany. Reduce for example the B.E.F. Army to 5points and give England more money in exchange, reduce the amphib tech of England by 1 . Both changes would convert an early invasion 1939 of Norway to a big gamble for the Allies but open up the possibilities for an early attack in 1940 . Forcing the Germans to strike first even before France or risk that the Allies take Norway

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double strikes strats make is economically profitable to buy them. The germans need 2x the amount of stuff to stop them. In this game an unopposed air force will quickly gain the advantage in experience and mop up any opposition.

I say single strike reduce the cost of air units and air defense. This allows more units (only slightly like 750 a/c per counter vs 1000 a/c) and lessens the effect of SUPER experienced units. I did notice in PDE that it seems the scale is set this way.

As for TACs they get powerful because previously they were unopposed. One trick you can do is send in your fighter as ground support 1st, it gets intercepted. Now send in the tac.

I converted my WaW historical scenario to PDE replacing anti-tank with tank tank destroyers and special forces with mech. I also modded the sub warfare game to realistically represent the u-boat war. The allies actually have to buy anti-sub warfare to beat the u-boats proper.

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