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  1. I got a couple more.Are we allowed to make it that when the Frenchie ships go crazy and start charging into the Italian ports which causes the Italians to take un-necessary losses we can tell the Italian ships not to fire? Will we be allowed to place our embarking troop trans. in any adjacent tile thats allowed and not let the computer choose?Sometimes this can matter. When engineers start to fortify a tile and they move for whatever reason will the computer keep track of what the engineers have done and allow them to continue where they left off?The work that they had started would stil
  2. Hubert are units that are sitting in the at built allowed to be up-graded before they are placed?
  3. Teutonkopf what you say about invading is right(the fact that France can even launch a major amphib. invasion is wrong and same with the Brits. early in the war) but because the game was simplified for easier playing(im sure to program the A.I.)then these units have to be able to invade.What might be alot simpler is just limit the amount of units that can land per turn.If you choose to send a Tank army to invade that would use up say half of all available invasion craft,etc etc.I like your way better but im just thinking about keeping it simple to program and play.I dont think that France shou
  4. LOTS of great ideas but in the end(like Big Al)pointed out,how complex do we want the game to be and as mentioned before we also have to think about the A.I. Im assuming the more you add the harder it is for the A.I. to be programmed?
  5. Imho teutonkopf has a GREAT idea.I think those extra upgrades should be available for the combat units.Remember Panzer General.Those Engineers and Pioneer units removed the Rugged defence and they helped with moving across rivers.Most offensive units have them. I dont have a problem with the operation of aircraft(even though it is way off base)because this generally helps the Allies.Since they are the ones that have the most limitations then maybe the operation of Airfleets should stay the way it is? Hubert,is the Atomic bomb in this game?I hope so(I know SeaMonkey doesnt like it, ha ha)
  6. Looking for opponent for P.D.E.(have latest patch)or W.a.W. Will also try SC P.T.O.Not very good yet. Dont care which side. tomnichols@shaw.ca
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