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Actually, this article in your friendly neighbourhood Register is more disturbing:

All your copyright are belong to us.

Kinda disturbing, though I really wonder how well that'd hold up in a court. They're also facilitating talks between Iceland and Russia, and are working towards leading Germany to another European war, which will drain the black sea, sink Malta and Wales, as well as part of Cyprus. They also appear to be handing out Soma in the cups of java and Volkswagons.


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Google is the new Microsoft, only Google is probably collecting more info about you than a MS hater's worst nightmare.

Erm, I find myself in the surprising position of supporting them.

Why exactly are they like Microsoft? Have they produced buggy, insecure software, engaged in anti-competitive practices like bundling with OEMs and locking them into deals, have they undercut a paid for product with a free one to retain market share? Don't forget - MS used to be the techies poster child. It was only after it acted like that, that it was seen as the anti-Christ.

ISTM to be tall poppy syndrome; Google are now the most successful company so they're automatically evil. As long as they keep giving me an excellent, free service I find no reason to get the pitchforks out.

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