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AAR - Ghost Campaign -

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Hi all,

Webwing's Ghost Campaign is truly a gem. In fact this campaign totally convinced me about the game in version 1.07 and the potential CMX2 has.

as a way to thank him, I wrote an AAR on scenario N°2, but due to real life commitments I had to stop playing 2 weeks ago.

i dont know when Ill have time to get back to CMSF so I post here the first part of the AAR, covering the first 40 minutes of the battle.

As you will see Im a very inexperienced player, and Im afraid of the next hour of battle :D

Screenshots are of bad quality so for thoses who dont own the game yet, dont judge the graphics by theses.

grab it here

Ghost campaign AAR

[ March 22, 2008, 05:15 PM: Message edited by: Aloko Mac ]

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Aloko Mac,

I never expected such a detailed AAR!!!!

What a treat! This kind of thing makes me want to design missions again!

I'm sure a lot of people will have a great time reading this AAR.

It was really great to read it. The maps and screenshots make the reader understand all that is going on even if he doesn't know the mission.

Your tactics were very sound by the way.

I hope you soon find the time to finish this AAR and do some more.

Thanks a lot!

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Alko, that worked!

And I just got done reading it. Unfortuntley I am not qualified to talk about your tactics, I will say that I really enjoyed reading it.

One question though...manholes....is that what we call foxholes? Manholes in the US are sewer access points. Foxholes is the only thing I could think of that made sense in this context.

All in all though, a very nice read. Also really liked that I knew exactly what units you were writing about at all times thanks to your screenshots and providing and sticking with their designations.

One thing I am pissed off about....I really wanted to see how the 30 meter run turned out!!

Ah well, I'll just have to wait =0

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héhé thanks for the feedback !

FOxholes is exactly what I wanted to write but dont know why thoses men went in the way :D

I've given some time to go a little further and I mut say there is surprise coming on he way !

Man Im scared to death to do this 30 meters run :D:D:D

Im glad you enjoyed it so far, I must say I saw the cartoonish AAR and I thought it was brilliant !

So many ways to do them.

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