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  1. oh I see, thanks for the precision here. I might do some testing before commiting to a campaign then.
  2. Thanks for your answer, Ill pick some non Bocage scenario then for now.
  3. Hi all, Is this bug corrected in 4.02 ? Im returning to the game after a long pause, and I have updated to 4.02 before reading the forum arghh... Thanks,
  4. That's a good thing to do, I might do that once for all.
  5. Thanks a lot, appreciate your help here. What's confusing to me is the fact that when you go to Patches section at BF it's difficult to understand that V2.0 is the latest when in fact it's written let's say V3.02 for CMFB. But maybe I read it wrong, anyway, thanks for your help. Im gonna play this gem now...
  6. Hi all, It's been a really long time since I launched any of my CM games, I updated them to V4 engine and now CMFB is saying Im on version 2.00. For the record CMBN says Im on V4.00. How do I know Im using latest patch ? on the Patch page CMFB is saying V3.02 is the latest so Im not sure why mine is on Version 2.00 for example. Sorry if it's a realy dumb question, as I said I've been away from game and forum for a long time, but I'd like to play my games theses days...
  7. John, To be honest I was kinda disapointed by the CD Box as well, but to be really honest I shelved the box the day it arrived and Im sure it will never move from this place. the main reasons I pre ordered was because of the pre release of the game, which turn out very bad for me as I couldn't download the game until after the non preordered guys did ! I tried countless times with errors everytime (mac version here), at the end I waited like 2 or 3 days reading reports from users on this forum lol. The other reason was the manuals, and I must say I really like them, especially as you
  8. For some reasons I never liked that mission (backs to the wall). The enemy AI is really terrible when on the attack. I guess the maps are the main reason I like a scenario, and I simply dont like this one with this buildings and factory that looks all the same. I like watching your video though. Looking forward to the next one !
  9. It was fast coming to my door ! I'm really impressed by the overall quality of the Manuals, absolutly gorgeous ! reminds me of the old days when buying a strategy / Sim game was also a matter of buying a paper printed manual. I've read both and I've found very good value and informations in the CMBS one. Did I say the quality was great ? I can now use it as a reference when Im playing the game. Thanks Battlefront and all people involved, this is a great game and also a very nice product.
  10. Just received the shipping notice yesterday as well, Can't wait !
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if you guys received your shipment with the hardcopy of the game ? I am very curious to see the actual package and artwork, Im waiting for mine patiently ! Dimitri.
  12. I really like your videos mate ! and the way you play this game is so different from me it brings me new insight on game mechanics. I play a lot slower....and I dont think Im good either lol ! I might be too cautious most of the times with my recon forces and probably too fast with my combat troops... Thanks again for takin the time to do all this, looking forward to the next battle. Dimitri
  13. Thanks Phil ! Downloading now, will report if there is some issue.
  14. Nope... Ill wait for an official word on this issue. Ill have a walk instead
  15. I must be very unlucky but I still download the first installer which doesnt work, I've tried maybe 20 times now and everytime I got the same error saying there is no drive for CM:BS. I understand I will have to wait 24hours since Philippe provided the new package but I see other Mac users playing the game, I hope the issue is not somewhere else At the moment Im downloading from 3 different Mac computer, finger crossed
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