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Blind MGS Strykers


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Im playing the First Campaign Mission on 1.05 and i like the patch so Far. But like in all the Versions bevore the MGS Stryker with the Gun is blind. I have them on the "Hills" at the Border of Syria and they have good overwatch on Enemy Troops. No Matter if i button or unbutton the COmmander they just cant Spot the Enemy Tanks or Infantry. Other Units Spot them. The MGS dont. Why? Bug or Feature?

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Hi Taki, ditto the above. The MGS Strykers definately have a problem. The don't even seem to be able to tell where their own guys are, unless they are in front and within a couple of metres. This is not right, as they are equipped with the data units like regular Strykers. This has been the case with all versions.

Must say though, this game in general is now well worth the money, and this is only a small glich which will hopefully get addressed in a future patch.

Regards, Darren

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i have this problem as well. It's quite severe I have to say.

For example, in I think the Al Howl engagement (You get 3 platoons of stryker infantry, 1 platoon of MGS and have to zeize three objectives). I had a situation last night where I had infantry overlooking tanks from a 3rd story roof. They were T72s. They were too close for Javelins, and my AT5's hit a different building. So the tank was chewing up my troops. I manuvered a stryker in an ally so he had a clear shot to the tanks rear. . Nothing was obstructing it. I watched in horror as he targetted a different batch of infantry in spite of my repeated orders. The t-72 turret ever so slowly turned around and shot him from point blank range.

In that same map, the T72 was stuck on the other side of a small ally from most of my troops. After losing the MGS, I moved my troops up (ran them really) until they were just 100 meters away. Though the tank was right in front of them, with no obstruction, he never became "visible" so they couldn't engage with Javelins.

I have this problem on Janguer Shihar (sorry for spelling). I'll crest a hill with my stryker MGS, take 30 mm rounds from multiple sources. in spite of them being RIGHT IN FRONT of the stryker he gets absolutely no spots and just sit there's and dies helplessly.

I have watched tanks move past a stryker field of view with out him spotting or engaging as well. It's very frustrating and makes them nearly useless. Occasionally they do work tho.

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Agreed. Just played the 1st campaign again. Had the MGS 14m(!) from a Syrian tank, and the MGS could not spot it, nor could the regular Stryker from the same distance, even though it was previously spotted. Couldn't see the MG bunker 20 m away either. It's either a bug, or the crew is legally blind (and not very bright).

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