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Arty types against trenches

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I am wondering what type of artillery is most useful against entrenched infantry.

AP strikes seem to me to be the best since the shrapnel comes from the top down, but it seems that if the enemy is prone in the trench, the fragments may not hit them.

So, what does the military use in a situation like that? AP? General? Anti-vehicle?

I'm assuming they use a linear pattern along the trench.

Some advice on this would be helpful.


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HE VT (proximity fuze), preferably combined 50/50 with WP (white phosphorous) in a lethal mix known as "Shake 'n' Bake.". The VT blankets the trench with shell fragments and is extra effective against prone men (analogous to standing men vs. surface bursts), while the WP causes burns, blinds with smoke, and chokes the survivors. Unfortunately for your war effort, I believe there's no WP available yet. Multifunction fuzes allow VT, instantaneous action and delay modes.


John Kettler

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In real action against trenches, besides what has been already mentionned is to use HE, variable -time rounds, airbusts that would explode 2 to 3 yards off the ground and send shrapnel downward.

That is the airbust in the game somehow.

To show you, what it can do. During the dash to the heart of baghdad it has been used against the overpass where the fedayen waited for the tracks to pass under and shot them with RPG 7.

The overpass where cleared by the time the tracks came.

Besides the fact that WP isn't implemented (if I am right ?) in the game, it has a drawback having a tendency to set things afire around and its abundant smoke become a blessing to the enemy hiding behind it. A blessing, that is for the one not burn through.

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