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Strength and Faith AAR

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Another day... another AAR over at MZO.

This time I am doing the scenario Strength and Faith. I'm only 3 turns in but the bullets are already flying and the artillery is already falling. Please come check it out. smile.gif

Status: Finished!

[ August 10, 2007, 03:19 PM: Message edited by: BigDork ]

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I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying my AARs. I do them because when I was first starting out playing CM I found some that really got me interested. Also I think it's a lot of fun to follow along with someone's battle and see how they do things. Also the extra screenshots are never a bad thing. smile.gif

Well I've done 31 turns now and lost 47 men, 4 T-72s, and 3 BMP-2s. Things are not going well and I doubt they're going to get any better. But I'm going to stick it through to the end.

Time for me to grab a nap before I work all night. I'll update some more tomorrow. smile.gif

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Hi Big Dork

In a way you are playing me - I designed the scenario and drew up the AI plans smile.gif Like playing by proxy reading your AAR!

Looks like it is being a bit of a grind, which is what I hoped it would be. Looks like you are doing well so far. My own attempts saw a similar rate of attrition, so looks like you are doing not so bad ;)

Keep them AARs coming - good reads, and good luck smile.gif

Cheers fur noo

George Mc

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