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  1. Glad to see it wasn't just me having some difficulty on that first misson and wondering about the mortars. Even with the mortars it seems a bit unbalanced but it would have gone a long way to stop a couple rushes. I just had a whole platoon of Russians run at my guys with a sniper team and a recon squad to try and hold them off. Stryker had already expended all its 40mm and the ATGM just sat there taking bullets.
  2. Disregard. Saw the CMSF2 Splash Screen topic up top and using that figured it out.
  3. Little extra info... Win 10, all updated. Closed every other program. Restarted the PC. Tried running as admin. I did everything I usually would try to get a program in Windows to work when it's having issues and I'm out of ideas.
  4. I just re-installed CMBS, using the download from my previous order page. I entered the activation code and was told it was successfully activated. I click play and then the game just hangs here...
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