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Only uses one CPU despite all the fixes

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Every core is like an independent cpu. If you have a dual core cpu, it's the same as if you had two older processors. CMSF can use only one processor, the other one remains unused (it is used by the OS for some backround stuff though).

AFAIK one core of new cpu is still faster the old single core cpu, even when running on lower GHz.

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Originally posted by Sgt.Joch:

That number just means that your CPU does not need more than 50% of one core to run CMSF. It means you could also run much bigger scenarios with no problem.

Nonsense. In this case it means that one processor is used 100% and the other 0% and the stupid Windoze task manager doesn't have an independent display for the two CPUs. You can download better tools that do.

CMx1 and CMx2 are games that always use 100% (of one) CPU, independently of CPU speed and scenario load.

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Originally posted by AdamL:

Does this mean I'm only able to use half the potential of my "CPU"?

Yes. Like with all other non-threaded games.

With a 3.2 Core Duo what does that translate to running on only one processor?

You have a 3.2 GHz Core Duo? That doesn't exist in non-overclocked form.
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