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Radeon Catalyst and Vista: Caveat Emptor is needed

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Originally posted by Zebulon Pleasure Beast:

Ok, I take back my statement about the game being playable, whenever I try to use commands other than move the game crashes. :(

Yes, i was betting on that, same thing hapens when i try using the keyboard commands on the 7.7 drivers.

The bug seems left click related, no matter were you click, units or terrain.

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If Radeon customers want things to become better, you need to write ATI an email, they will understand.

It's imporant to understand, that the game developers talk with the hardware over an interface, called API. And this API, be it OpenGL or DirectX, is supported by the drivers, is ATI claiming.

The truth is, their drivers are crap. For years!

So the best you can do is - while BFC tries to find a solution - write ATI what you think about their broken promises (support of OpenGL) and that your next card will be a GeForce. That's the only language they semm to understand. :mad:

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Funny thing, ATI has good performance but crashes, NVIDIA has bad performance (people around the forum are complaining).

The ones that are happy is people with old sistems with proven drivers.

Lets face it, the new drivers for good cards are jinxed, and one major reason for that is that "Windows Blody Vista TM" !

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Originally posted by rune:

I just thought of something. The Nvidia card have their own control panel, with opengl settings. Does ATI have the same thing? What are the opengl options?

Worse case, someone available in the US I can call on the phone to try a few things? It is on my dime, so I really don't want to call overseas.


Hi Rune,

I have Win XP SP2 and AMD DC 6000 + HD2900 XT card, I have the Opengl error using both 7.6 and 7.7 drivers. In the ATI Catalyst Control Panel, the only OpenGl elements are Triple Buffering on or off and Force 24bit Z buffer depth. With the 7.7's i've tried these on and off but to no avail, same crash happens time after time, additionally, I can't say that changing these options has an appreciable effect on the grafix. I don't appear to have a performance problem, only a delay in selecting a unit then a crash when trying to issue a waypoint. All other game functions appear to work ok. Have also tried all the other fixes on these forums.

PS, my machine is brand spanking new and with all updates installed and this is the second game installed on it.

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I dont know if you people remember it but from the ATI 9xxx series on until recently there drivers had far better support and less crashes than nvidia, when vista came out ati was the first to have opengl support. There was a good bit of time when ATI had the best drivers out there.

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