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Theatre of War "Battle for Moscow Add-on and Game Patch (v1.3.0.56) Released!


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Battle for Moscow Add-on and Game Patch (v1.3.0.56)


We are thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated Theatre of War Battle for Moscow Add-on and Game Patch. This add-on/patch not only adds a new 10 Mission Russian Campaign to the game, but also a full Map Editor as well as many game fixes, additions and optimizations. The Battle for Moscow Add-On and Game Patch is 234 megs in size.

The is the first patch for Theatre of War but we are planning on more content and improvements in the future!

This Add-on and patch will update your game to version Please read below for important information about this patch and Add-on.

Gameplay Patch issues and additions:

* Map Editor Added (accessed via the builder.exe program or in the ToW Program Group shortcut "Map Builder")

* A new 10 mission "Battle for Moscow 1941" Campaign Added. Accessed via the "Extra Campaigns" option in the Campaign List page

* Various fixes and changes to earlier campaign missions

* Improved logging functions to help with determining the causes of certain crashes

* Hot keys for Unit Formations, Movement Modes, Hold Fire and Hold Position commands added

* Better handling of the Reverse Command for vehicles, tanks, SPG's, armored cars and Artillery units

* Various AI behavior changes to units implemented

* Expanded sound system (hear sounds further away and louder in some cases)

* Improved sounds

* Waypoints added for units (hold 'shift' key when issuing movement orders to place waypoints)

* Units no longer stop when they receive a new order

* LOS tweaks - The visibility conditions through forest were changed

* AI Targeting behavior tweaked so that they can better fire on Hull Down targets

* Game speed acceleration/deceleration feature added (accessed via the "Change time speed" hotkey currently)

* Fixed bug with the units boarding certain vehicles

* Some Multiplayer load bugs during client loading were fixed (more fixes will be coming in future patches)

* Fixed AT Guns not being able to have commands issued in some situations

* Fixed Load Game/Save Game errors

* Towsetup 'Autodetect' functions improved

* Mission Editor "wrong application version error" bug fixed

* Improvements to the gun towing process implemented

* Units now better at holding position when they are in defensive positions

* Various Mission Editor errors corrected

* New "License Helper" utility (called License_Helper.exe) added to help those that had issues with the eLicense program freezing or locking up in the past (see note below)

* New manual "Unlicense" short cut added to game program group (to unlicense game without uninstalling)

* Extensive improvements to Performance and Stability (see note below)

Performance and Stability Note:

This patch includes various improvements to the game code to increase performance and stability for regular, hyperthreading and multicore CPU's. Further patches (to be released in the future) will add more optimizations and improvements in this area as well as improvements to Multiplay.

If this patch version exhibits frequent crashes or lockups, while in the past you did not encounter them, we have included a special .exe version which does not include the same performance updates, but includes all the other items listed above. To launch this special version of the game, browse to your game folder and double-click on the file name "ToW_1.4.exe". That will launch a version of the game that has all of the same fixes listed above EXCEPT for the new performance/stability tweaks.

License Helper Utility:

If you have had problems with the eLicense program locking up on you in the past when you have tried to enter your license code, please browse into your game folder and double-click on the file called "ToW_Helper.exe", that should now allow the license system to function without freezing.

Previous Patches Note:

This Battle for Moscow Add-on and Game Patch is all inclusive and includes the same fixes that were featured in the earlier eLicense Freeze Patch and the DVD Compatibility Patch.

Version Note:

This game Add-on and Patch content will be added to download version of Theatre of War in the very near future. If you download your copy of Theatre of War after June 25th, please run the game and check the version # before you install this patch. If your version number is listed as on the main menu screen, you do NOT need to download this patch.

Theatre of War Patch Page

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Thanks Matt!!!!!!!

The 2cpu problem is gone and the game really runs great now.

The backup of vehicles and waypoint/checkpoint add on features really change the game. You can actually create your movement orders for individual elements or group them as a squad or platoon with the checkpoint command. This feature in my opinion dramatically changes the game since most real world operation order grahics do the same. This is so significant that I am going back and refighting all my previous battles.

Hope everyone has good luck with the new patch. Iam off to discover and enjoy all the new goodies and defend Moscow.

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Well, yes the patch has improved much. I won't go into details about that. I would like to say I really, really, tried to enjoy TOW (but to no avail). Sorry chaps. Turn based wargaming is my cup of tea. I will wait patiently for shockforce (ww2 version). Sorry Matt, I hope my donation for this game improves Battlefront. Grimtooth out.

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Well, I'm still downoading it... and it will take a while (234Mb!!), but I just wanted to say thanks!

... and of course encourage battlefront and the developers to continue expanding and improving the game. I read in the release notes that more patches and performance/stability improvements are on the works. This is the way to go, chaps! smile.gif

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