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Enhanced Axis AI for Pre-Barbarossa Ready - Need Testers!

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OK folks, one night of scripting later and I have a ready-for-testing enhanced script for the Axis AI, UP TO BARBAROSSA. There are no scripts past that. That's its own separate monster and I want to handle that later. All scripts are meant for situations the Axis AI would face up to June 41.

Thing is, this is a quite massive set of scripts with many directions to go and I could use some help testing it to make sure all the kinks are ironed out.

If you would like to try it out, even if just for one game, please post your email address here, or shout to me on ICQ, and I will send it to you this afternoon.

Features of the script set:

- Germany immediately begins very aggressive diplomacy with Spain. Script set up for Spain to take Gibraltor if Spain joins Axis. England has to invest a lot of chits to stop Spain from joining Axis now.

- Re-worked diplomacy, purchase, and research scripts. Research and purchase strategies will differ if Germany decides to Sealion (Drops air tech research, starts sub research, etc). Germany presses Iraq if the coup happens, presses Turkey after a successful Sealion, presses Sweden after Norway falls. Italy helps with pressing Spain.

- The Axis AI pace of conquest of Poland/Denmark/Benelux/France has been considerably sped up. Generally Axis AI begins attack on Benelux by Jan 40. Usually finishes off France by June-July 40. (With expert, +1 or +2 exp bonus)

- Upon the demise of France, the Axis AI will decide between these strategic options for Germany: Sealion (10% chance), Scandinavia (50%), Med (50%), or Balkans (25%), or a combination of the above. Note that the Scandi/Med combo is most common, and the AI will NOT do a Sealion/Med as that would spread troops too thin. Note that the % chances listed above I just made up on the spot and I'll be happy to adjust them based on your recommendations.

- The Sealion scripts I made earlier have been streamlined. Sealion is in force, almost always gets HQ support.

- The Norway invasion is followed by aggressive diplomacy attempts with Sweden.

- The Med script set will follow the Axis attack all the way through to Syria and Iraq. Iraq may be taken by force or diplomacy, depending on the situation. Italy will always attack the Med, Germany may or may not assist (50% chance).

- If AI picks Balkans route, Italy does amphib attack on Greece while Germany takes Belgrade.

- Excess units are sent back to mainland after a theator (England, Scandinavia, Med) is successfully taken.

NOTE: The Norway invasion has some issues because of the AI's poor handling of the amphib attack.

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Test 1 Completed:

AI executed Norwegian Invasion from Antwerp, I will check your scripts but Norwegian invasions should launch from Kiel. Why - I saw buildup in Antwerp and my UK navy and Air Force targeted Transports to Attack. While I was attacking the Transports the Transports just waited and took the pounding while remaining of force launched. Two German Armor and 1 Corps Took Norway, Armor and Corps stuck in Norway for Duration of War.

In Italy, Italy sent over 4 Armies and Stationed them Around Agheila, all were destroyed - No HQ support.

Axis AI DOW Russia early, too early, before it was prepared to invade.

[ June 07, 2006, 08:01 PM: Message edited by: Edwin P. ]

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-Lowered chance of pre-barbarossa Sealion from 10% to 5%, since it is usually Axis suicide. However the AI will be very Sealion-aggressive later on in game.

-Italy invasion of Malta script done, set to occur if Allies abandon Malta. Did one for Gibraltor too.

-Re-did the Italian garrison scripts so the Allied don't get any free cities.

-Wrote a script to stop the Italians from walking piecemeal into Alexandria. Still getting to to work right (Is basically a bunch of garrison scripts around Tobruk, set to cancel when a threshold number of Axis reach Africa).

-Barbarossa Build-up scripts almost complete. A combo of random decision scripts, plus input from the strategic situation, will influence the AI's attack decision on the Russians. I'm going to throw in some wild stuff just to keep the player on his toes. smile.gif

-I'm leaving the diplomacy, purchase, and research scripts for last at the moment. Although I am working on a script to ge the Italians to buy an HQ before they enter the war... so far cannot get them to do it 100% of the time.

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Also Balkans script is having some problems... since German AI seems to want to DoW on Yugoslavia while the units slated for the invasion are still over near Paris! Hopefully I can fix that with an intermediate script.

Dropped the Italian Greece amphib invasion, AI cannot handle it correctly, gave the invasion to Germany after Yugoslavia.

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- North Africa scripts are now working very well. AI will wait until a sizable force is built up prior to attack.

- Gibraltor invasion script if Allies leave it alone is done. The Malta one has to wait as a bug prevents it from working.

- Norway invasion is making progress, still has problems due to AI amphib and "sticky" garrisons.

- Italian HQ purchase problem solved.

- Sealion scripts ready and working.

- Edwin is working on a Vichy France > Spain > Portugal etc script set.

- Early conquest timelines made slightly more variable.

- Garrisons for Seigfreid Line now stop after Brussels falls instead of Paris, allowing for those Corps to bypass the Maginot Line and help in attack.

All testers will get a fresh copy with the updated scripts this morning. smile.gif

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