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Enhanced Axis AI for Pre-Barbarossa Ready - Need Testers!

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Okay, here's my report...

Played at expert level, but with no exp bonus. I

wanted to have combat results which were not biased

for either side.

1. It took until the end of January for Poland to

fall, with consequent early Russian entry.

2. Norway was invaded...but never conquered. 2

corps and a tank (!) were stuck there for over 2

years-the tank went towards Bergen and not Oslo.

3. Benelux was attacked in May IIRC, France fell

soon after because I experimented with moving

almost all French units to Britain (got 2 armies

to become Free French).

4. Subs weren't a factor, for the most part.

Sunk 2 and the other one hid in a French port for

the rest of the game.

5. Italy was all over the map. Britain got an

offensive going which took all of Libya, then

invaded Sicily. 3 Italian HQs were seen hanging

out near Rome. I killed several of their units

which were in Russia. I don't know if Italy

bought any tech but considering the 3 HQs (and

an air fleet, and a tank), I doubt it...

6. Russia absorbed some early blows (she entered

in early 1941), turned the tables and 6 tank armies

steamrolled towards Berlin, taking it in late '42.

A significant number of German units were killed

in the process.

7. Yugos and Greeks were attacked when several

Russian tanks were on the Vistula (near Warsaw).

Greeks held out to end of game.

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Number 7 is an issue that is fixed. Axis only start offensives now if Eastern situation is favorable.

The rest are things I can only give guidelines to the AI to do, but it usually just does whatever the hell it wants to do.

P.S. I don't dont think the AI will ever win anything without an exp bonus. It makes up for the poor tactical choices.

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I would definitly spread out the diplomacy.

Meaning when the game starts it chooses between Spain or Sweden or Turkey, along the lines of 40/40/20% on which way it will go.

And should it get Sweden, have the swedish troops invade Norway and man the cities with its own troops.

If it gets Spain it should invade Portugal and Gibraltar and man the Spain / Portugal cities on the Atlantic with Armies and Tanks from Spain. A Tank on Gibraltar, Army on Portugal and the other city close to Bordeaux with a corps next to it.

And if the Axis do have Gibraltar, then Vichy France, Tunisia, Syria, Iraq, Greece should all be taken and left unmaned, no need to have manpower if the enemy can not access it. Algeria should also be taken but it will need a strong garrison in Cassablanca (3 Italian units with HQ).

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The diplomacy spread is on my to-do list, but is unworkable until global variables are introduced. Garrison decision positions are unwelcome in the beginning because at that point Axis needs every unit for combat.

Everything else you mentioned is already implemented. smile.gif In addition, Axis Minors take a lot of the Garrison load off of Germany now.

However, I have Germany manning Portugal and Gibraltor, because the AI will/may use Spain for offensive operations against Minors, since they have a combined arms force w/ HQ.

As for specifing which units garrison what positions, I wish I could do that, but it is impossible. hopefully HC will add that in a patch.

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