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  1. Can you send me a copy please? mail to ben_cg AT ntlworld.com (replace ' AT ' with @)
  2. There's no question that the computer language sc is coded in can cope with a higher number, the issue is the game engine. Sounds like the current number is hardcoded so extra/expandable slots will probably have to wait for sc3
  3. One interesting point about the new defence for Armies is that its not across the board, some nations get it and some don't! ------ Army SD/TD = 2 UK USA USSR Germany Finalnd Spain Sweden Switzerland ------ Army SD/TD = 1 France Italy Canada Poland + all other minors ------ I am surprised by this, afaik it's the first stat that is different by nation. Seems a little cruel on France and Italy too... and a little generous to Finland/Spain/Sweden/Switzerland perhaps? As the defense boost essentially makes attacking against it costlier in casaulties it gives the maj
  4. Presuming all the co-ordinates are correct the scripts look okay to me, although STEAL=2 (defensive only) might not give the first plan priority? but im a little hazy on the mechanics of that. this comment: makes me wonder if either you were playing the right campaign or whether you had properly recompiled the scripts into the campaign file in the Editor? Thats about the only reasons I can figure you wouldn't see the changes. To help you test AI scripts its an idea to put a message in the popup parameter, then you can see when/if the plan is activated by the AI. (remove for playing!)
  5. Lots of significant changes to gameplay (most surprising and welcome to me is army defense). I think its still a bit early yet to say it so definitively but I agree Axis have a harder time now. Time will tell how much harder.
  6. updated for SC 1.1 I also added copy and pasting of multiple parameters between scripts and cloning of scripts for quickly adding new stuff. SCScriptEditor1.01.zip readme.txt See the first post for a change-log.
  7. I think the argument for a basra-atlantic convoy route isn't whether it was used historically but whether it *could* have been used in a what-if situation. The most obvious example being evacuating allied troops from basra via the atlantic loop when rommel pushes through egypt etc.
  8. Hmmm, intrigue! My bet is also Amphibious tech I have updated the ScriptEditor ready for 1.1 with the 2 changes here (thanks Hubert for the info you posted here - I only wish all developers were so forthcoming). I should have a release ready about 1/2 hr after we get the patch
  9. I am looking forward to this If you want the help I will offer to work on some AI scripts for this scenario... If you know what you want the ai to do I can translate that into scripts pretty well, let me know.
  10. One way is to have an Italian force approaching from Tobruk (drawing the 8th armour + corp towards them) then get a german hq + 3 good units loaded into amphibs, use an amphib italian corp (from tobruk or even albania/greece depending on things) to take suez, and use your german force to land at cairo and take it asap. hopefully there is just 1 corp in the city but sometimes they have 2 down there, italian navy can be very useful in reducing entrenchment here. Once you have the port your german units have supply and you have the uk in/around alexandria pretty much surrounded. You can bombard
  11. Deploying sounds good, another idea to reduce transport mm-ing would be allowing multiple turn orders. ie. a 'go here' command that orders a unit to make its way over land/sea to the destination point over subsequent turns.
  12. Good idea re: lowering subs attack and upping diving, I also like the idea of surface ships doing convoy raiding... seems it could be implemented the same as sub raiding - but its hard to know what these changes would do to game balance ?? btw - anyone else read the book 'Atlantis' about a disguised german commerce raider? can we get those too?
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