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a) Diplomacy Enhancements

Diplomacy is now a viable option, for the Axis and the Allies. Each chit gives more % chance of success, and more chits

are available.

B) War % adapted

Many countries have been modified, to serve the gameplay.

c) New Minors

Addition of Austria, Czechoslowakia, Albania, Luxembourg and Saoudi Arabia

d) Minors upgraded

Many minors are now able to produce their own armies, at reduced costs. The costs are country-dependant and should be

profitable for both axis and allies; The Axis needs Austria and possibly Sweden and Norway to gain land and sea superiority,

as much as UK needs Canada and possibly Egypt to close the gap. They can also be used more effectively to stop an invasion.

(Simulation of the many foreign fighters who served during WW2)

e) Almost each Country has its HQ

To simulate each country's military leadership, hqs have been created. Minors now also have rating 8 leaders.

f) More Strategic Ressources

USA, USSR, Egypt, Italy and Germany have some more ressources.

g) Low techs from start, but plenty of time

Techs start low, but as the game starts in december '37, each player has plenty of time to plan in which way their

armed forces will be modelled.

h) Carriers upgraded

Carriers can now effectively train against ground targets.

i) Fortifications are now an option

Many countries build fortifications a lot faster, some countries are better at it than others.(Again an advantage of

converting minors instead of conquering them.

i) Many strategies

Each option is now viable. Germany can choose an agressive stance and wipe out all minors and both close majors soon, but

then USA and USSR will join fast and will hit very hard, at a time when Germany might not be ready yet, or can go a more

'diplomatic' way and plan for long-term.

A mixture of both is also viable, as the diplomacy now allows you to undo a % rise by buying off the majors. USSR could

be delayed a long time if the Axis player decides to put cash in it.

The Allies have even more ways of putting pressure on the axis by strengthening the Middle-East, playing agressive

against coastal minors, or training their air power on Fortress Europe.

-> available on request, post your email!

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Congratulations on an innovative and creative scenario. Have not yet played it all the way through, but you have, I think, substantially improved on the original product.

One question: Two corps, an army, and a tank corp (not to mention a HQ) for Saudi Arabia? Historically the Saudis couldn't fielded more than a few lightly-armed mounted bedouin columns in 1937.

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@Gorgin: Thx a lot! Indeed Ive had some complaints about Saoudi Arabia smile.gif Their unexpected power is completely ahistorical, but should have given some challenge for an axis invasion (force the axis player to keep a strong force in the area) and give an extra option for an allied defense of the mid-east (by converting saoudi to allied camp). But after testplay i more and more realize that it isnt worth the inaccuracy. Will be edited in next version.. Hope you enjoy the idea of promoting minor units, i think their reduced cost makes them worth buying.

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---testplay short aar---

I have tested this scenario online (thanks to Oliva) and it is turning to be very interesting. It is almost winter 1941 and things turn out to be rather balanced.

37-38: Axis starts their conquest of Europe. Dow on Poland in march 38. Axis chooses to convert Czechoslowakia and Austria diplomatically. June 38 - Belgium falls. France pinged. Denmark taken.

Allies have worked on the defense line around Paris with their cheap and fast engineers, almost all Paris is surrounded by fortifications. French line around Paris, retreat from the Maginot line. Allies launch a naval assault on Italy after axis puts diplomatic pressure to make Mussolini join fast. Italian navy halved. Desert Rats take Tobruk easily.

39: France taken in spring. Axis lost a tank and a corps. Allies are converting Spain, Sweden and USA. Germany knows it would not be a good choice to counter the UK diplomacy towards Spain, and instead opts for blitzkrieg. 3 Panzers, some corps and armies are marching towards Marseilles after DoW on Vichy.

Summer 39 - Spain joins the allies. Axis is well-positionned and starts the invasion, Spain will last untill fall. USA at 82%! Axis starts to put chits in USA and USSR, with success. USA drops to 65 and USSR below 40. Mussolini takes his Italian elite armies to Libya, together with a complete Czech group (HQ, tank, 2 armies, 1corps).

Offensive towards Cairo, Egypt taken in winter 39-40, allies retreat in fear :) Gibraltar taken.

40: buildup time. Axis gets some nice diplomatic results: USSR to 0! and countering UK diplo towards USA. Allies put pressure on USA and Sweden (alrdy at 60% pro-allied). As Germany does not have the time to lauch an invasion of the scandinavian peninsula, counter-diplomacy is the key. Fortification time: Austrian workers on the westfront and german engineers building an enormous line behind the river seperating them from the USSR. Allies are building up too.

Fall 40: Axis launches its Mideast assault, Saoudi Arabia and Iraq attacked. Italian lvl 3 tanks are doing a great job.

41: USA declare war. USSR joins the allies. The real war can start now. Barbarossa starts in july 41, together with 'operation' Turkey. Elite Panzers roll over Turkey, supported by the Austrian Luftwaffe (4 airfleets and a bomber). 4 Russian cities easily taken, although russian lvl 3 armies hit back hard. But.. Allies declare war on Iran, and their legion lvl 3 tanks invade the Mid-east. Allied DoW on Finland. Italy retreats from Iraq and try to hold the line untill the German units from Romania arrive...

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Scenario looks really good!!! Some things about the map, though:

1) Vienna should be in the East of Austria, on the Danube. It is actually very close to Bratislava.

2) If Vienna is relocated, one northern mountain tile (next to Munich), should go back to Germany.

3) The outlay of Czechoslovakia is rather wrong. It´s difficult to describe it tile-wise, but it should go much further to the East along the South of Poland (actually it should border Russia). It seems that it should also incorporate some tiles (one "row" so to say) now making up a quite too big Silesia.


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--- update aar ---

summer&fall 41: Turkey fell into axis hands, while Russia takes Iran. Russian tanks hiding in eastern turkish city, waiting for the inevitable axis assault. Russia has now lvl 4 armies. UK lands in France, USA declares war on Portugal and takes Madrid some weeks later. Italy counterattacks in Southern France, killing a yankee para. Russian counterattack from Stalingrad, axis cannot hold the line there, but Leningrad falls to axis forces, supported by the elite LW.

Russians seem too powerful, the italian lvl 5 tanks will have to fight a brave battle to hold the line. But only two of them for now, still awaiting the other two.

Allies seem to have the upperhand, but the axis is regrouping and upgrading for the final strike. It will have to wait after the russian winter of 41...

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This is an awsome scenario. With the UK, i brought Iraq,Iran,Saudi Arabia, Benelux, and poland to my side early on. I had level 5 tanks with ussr and rockets at lvl 5. i had 5 tanks and 4 rockets under there own HQ!! smile.gif Honestly, this would be much more fun with a human opponent, (obviously) because the A.I. doesnt use diplomacy, which i think is one of the main focuses on this game.

Edit- ya i agree with gorgin. I only used diplo on Saudi arabia because i saw oil and 2 cities. But when i saw 3 corps, an army, a tank group, and a hq, i was surprised. Also, i saw that you can buy like 5 more units with them.

Oh ya, i gave your scenario a 5!!! GJ!!! i would leave a comment but im to lazy, gotta sleep, goodnight all.

[ May 23, 2006, 11:49 PM: Message edited by: Fartknock3r ]

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Hi everybody. Great game. I live in Ireland but in a few days am going to Nigeria to work for three weeks and this new scenario would help me pass the boring evenings (not allowed out of the compound due to car bombs / kidnappings / assassinations etc).

I would be VERY grateful to get this at jfly1@yahoo.com

When(if?!) I return I will probably be looking to play a PBEM game with someone but more of that anon.

P.S. Dont worry I grew up in Belfast in the 60's if the UVF, UDA, RUC, Brits and even the IRA cant take me out Im not going to worry about Nigeria!!!!!


Deitrich (John Flynn)

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--- update aar ---

Winter 41: Axis tries to breakthrough deeper into Turkey, but 5 (or more) elite russian tanks are blocking the way, supported by the red airforce (lvl2?feel free to correct me Eugenio ;) ). Meanwhile Russians detach some units to conquer Syria, thus preventing the Axis from operating to and from Mideast. Austria operates from Turkey to Spain in force, the Elite (im taling about 5 3 to 5!!! star lvl 3 airfleets) LW takes their place around Ankara. Italy retreats towards Spain, to destroy the landed yankees once and for all.

Axis has one slight problem: Russia is counterattacking towards Odessa, and cant be stopped. Hitler decides to pull back to fortified cities more north. The fuhrer himself is fighting there :D . Finland liberated.

Spring 42: Russians take heavy casualties in Syria after relentless axis bombardments. There seems to be no end to the suiciding red assaults against Smolensk, but the Hitler-supported Panzer is resisting formidably. Spain is reconquered by the Italian tank divisions, while Austrians try to kill as many fleeing Americans as possible. Uk is suspectibly calm.. Axis realizes too late why: Sweden is converted to allied side. Minor navy battles around Denmark, Gibraltar under axis assault...

For now the allies still have the advantage, but my opponent underestimated the axis power.. The West will fall, but will Germany be able to stop the red army...

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Even the fall of west front by the americans, i have saved 3 armies, and 2 para and corps and i got 2 hqs in UK so I can launch another counter in a few months... with the support of 10/11 allied airfleets.

The situation in middle east is not "very" nice for the Red Army. As my opponent said, I underestimated the axis power in this side of the world and maybe i must to retreat to the caucasus and establish there a good defense line.

In "mother Russia" things are quite different. Ive got Odessa, Axis only has a few cities and im waitint for new reinforcements ( remenber I get 500 mpps per turn ONLY with USRR....)

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