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  1. Rofl i liked TaoJah's response. Anyway, i found this topic kind of scary.
  2. Merry xmas. I'll especially enjoy the food. I love being so young
  3. Hye everyone, been a while hasn't it? To be honest, i was working pretty hard up tell september, im sure you all know why. Well, just an update Pacific War Campaign: Suspended You dont wanna c my report card But im honored to say SidiusPOA has created an excellent global theater map including the pacific! Take a look!
  4. I'm just 15, i don't make the decisions on what goes on in the middle east, and i don't really care. It was just my opinion that i don't want the US to be the global police, I dont want any country to be it for that matter. You made it seem like I was someone who supported the iraq war, but I dont. Anyways with Iran, let them have it. And clearly tell them, if you ever use your nukes, we'll turn every inch of Iran into salt.
  5. Good idea. I'd like to see something like the Capital at London, and then when its overun, the british move to Alexandria. Then, if that's captured, they move to St. Johns, but St. John isnt needed to be captured to win. Only one thing im wondering, do the british get canadian and egyptian mpp's automatically? Doesnt seem like convoys can go from a UK med area to the home isles when under direct control for the UK.
  6. What new world order? In this world, you must be joking. I live in the US, and I dont want our country to be the global police force. But hey, im a teenager, and what do I know? EDIT: BTW what do u guys believe is the "new world order"?
  7. Im so proud of myself, i bought this game with my own money! Well ok my parents gave me my own credit card but hey, it's a start.
  8. Were you able to completely block them with units? If theres an open path next to them, Paris and the maginot line obtain unoccupied squares next to them, i believe. Was the B.E.F. behind the maginot fortification closest to belgium? If you cut off the units there but dont occupy the squares with units it's likely Paris gained a vital square that allowed the B.E.F. to op. move to brest. www.ImageShack.us" /></a> In the above picture , if the B.E.F. was in one of the yellow hexes, and you didnt occupy the red squares with teal scribbles with units, then the B.E.F. should be able
  9. It can work that way, but the Americas were never a battleground in WWII. It work best to have the main battle sights towards the center of a map. </font>
  10. Great to see your people putting effort into a world map! I thank you. One idea I like is keep North and South America in the middle of the map, Africa, Europe, and Half of asia, (about up to half of India) on the eastern part, and then the rest of Asia and Oceania on the western area of the map, I know it seems wierd but it's just a suggestion.
  11. Sorry guys, its summer, and im just a kid! What really slowed me down was that we went to Las Vegas twice! I hate that place with a passion... until im 21. Well, i plan on getting back to this as soon as possible, but with school starting it's going to be a long time until I finish.
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