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  1. That is not a sound business model as this genre appeals to a specific market - not to the general public. He was probably smoking a joint while he wrote it.
  2. Yes SC wins in comparison -no question- but a nice feature of commander is the manpower and how depleting your manpower can affect your industrial output. The AI is very competent and on high levels you will be soundly defeated.
  3. I like playing the reds and I generally go into a defensive mode except being active against the baltics until I have teched up and fully mobilized against the white factions. The reds have several fronts to contend with but if he does not play recklessly - his mpps, troops and tech will overwhelm the whites. I fight to the south just to extricate from the sevastopol area and may involve declaring early against the ukraine - fighting withdrawal from stavropol and eliminating the cav in elista. Hold at Tyaritsyn. I op out the art to the baltics as they are the easiest faction to overcome and ga
  4. Yep, the war of attrition in the west without overwhelming odds for the kaiser is kaput. Meanwhile, Russia is left on the hook and is still kicking and starting to jab back.
  5. In my desk jockey general position, I think the CP time table had been disrupted by Russia's hanging on. The mid-east incursion is also pin-pricking. 1917 is around the corner where the USA's resources is going to bear. I would have preferred an all out assault on Russia in 1914 and it should be done by 1915 then sweep west- a CP player would enough resources to batter entente forces both on the mid-east and west. I would have kept a narrow west front and not attack Belgium. Not unless the CP has tremendous overwhelming force in the west by now.
  6. Marc, What were the main critical moments that you think might have made a difference? Changsa seems to be a key in China and even spending carrier assets to pummel it and ignore everything alse in the Chinese theater. It's a tough nut to crack but it is the key I think. Do you think rolling all out in the East before the Reds were able to catch a breath would have made a difference? UK theatrics could have been ignored for the moment without US support as it would be easily contained. With Spain coming on your side I thought it was game over but I was mistaken. It's not over yet, and I rea
  7. not looking good for Adolf and Tojo here... I think CH has a clear initiative and advantage as the allied industrial might and beefed-up forces will now tell.
  8. Total war April 1941 Germany elects to go for total war and place it's whole country, economy, society on a war footing - Speer is tapped as armaments minister and given total authority over war production yes- one time increase of 500 MPP- plus 25% increase in MPP production, cost 500 mpp (25mpp for 20 turns) no-no changes Hitler respects military institutions May 1941 Hitler gives his generals tactical and strategic oversight over German Wermacht, yes- permanent morale increase 15% over all forces. Cost 1000mpps - 50mpps for 20 turns, no- German forces suffer temporary mor
  9. Anyone up to play as Allies? PBEM Vanilla 1939 scenario- just email me aesop123@hotmail.com, I am fast in sending rds back.
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