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Body Armor

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1) How will Body Armor on US troops be modeled? I have heard that body armor is estimated to have reduced total casualties by an estimated 50% and have reduced fatalities to 1 in 10 casualties.

For example, if men had no armor in an engagment you might have 100 casualties with about 30% (30) of them KIA. If the men were armored in the same engagement, you might have 50 casualties with about 10% (5) of them KIA.

2) Will the effects of body armor depend upon weapons used against troops (body armor might not help if a Stryker was blown up)?

3) Does anyone know if the Syrians use body armor? I have seen some insurgents in Iraq and Afganistan wearing it on rare occasion.

Part of what intrigues me about this is that....from reports of US troops in Iraq, they seem to be more aggressive than in wars past. Some of this is surely due to modern CQB technique/training/an all-volunteer military, etc.. But the men seem to clearly have faith in their armor and they have adjusted their tactics to account for this capability.

On the downside.....there are reports from Afganistan that our troops are not nearly as mobile as their adversaries because of all the stuff they carry and the armor they wear.

Taken together, in CMSF you might also have radically different tactics for armored vs. unarmored men.

I did a search and could not find anything on this.

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This has been covered, not sure why your search didn't turn up anything.

Body Armor Thread

This is probably the most comprehensive thread on the issue.


This thread is about tiring but BFC talks about some body armor issues.

As for your third question in the Syrian thread I think Rudel brings up that some Syrian forces use body armor very often.

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