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Difference b/w Paradox and BFC versions?

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I've ordered from BFC already, but I'm wondering what differences will exist between the Paradox and BFC editions. Will they use the same patches? Will copy protection be the same? Will either allow the game to run without the disc in the drive?


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Battlefront version has 200 page manual.

Paradox has 80 page manual.

Battlefront doesn´t require disk in drive, only one time online activation and you can install in 2 computers simultaneously.

I think paradox requires disk in drive.

I think a patch will be released for paradox version on release date to make it up to date with the download version.

I think that´s basically it, but i don´t work for battlefront. :rolleyes:

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I guess there will be different patches for the BFC and Paradox versions.

Quote from Martin:

As for patches - Battlefront will always be the first to release patches for practical reasons already. Other files need to be localized/protected etc. so usually there is always some delay.
The main differences will be the manual (BFC version: 200 pages, Paradox version: 80 pages) and (probably) the copy protection.
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I have bought many Paradox games over the years and none of them has required the CD to be inserted while you play. They haven't used any copy protections in their games either. In their latest big release (EUIII), one has to register on their site to be able to access patches and support though.

I expect the same to be true about their CMSF version.

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I seem to recall it being mentioned that they are using Securom protection which would indicate that you need a CD in the drive.

Keep in mind that this is not developed by Paradox but simply published, whereas the EU, HOI series and others were developed and published by them.

I think Take Command: 2nd Manassas, another game published by them, had copy protection.

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