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oh oh ws this the "report bad things forum" also good things in this game

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I have been having a blast playing CMSF, the campaign has been especially immersive. Every time I play I notice a new little details exceeding my expectations for this game. It has retained the classic CM feel while implementing real time which IMO is much more realistic.

Some of those negative threads leave me wondering if their refering to the same game! Sure there are theearly release bugs/stability issues but for me they are FAR from deal breakers and I trust that BFC will take care of them soon.

CMSF right now is more than I had ever hoped for.

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I agree, looks like a technical issues forum.

Its depressing.

Like I said in another post there are people like this in every game forum- especially lately- who will whine and complain that the game is hopeless no matter what, even if it meets their expectations. They can not wait for the game to come out so they can play it a short while or finish the whole thing cursorily and in a hurry so that they can arrogantly throw it aside and come to the forum pick at it and declare why its not good enough for them and how therefore they know so much more about war tactics and what a real wargame should play like, more than those who can get the most out of it and develop a deeper understanding and actually have fun playing it-it is after all a game. And above all they seem to know more then the people who made it; that's how knolledgeable and meticulous they are. I think some of them actually believe they could do better.

I understand it isn't perfect-I still have this hope that it can be fixed in future patches. But I know before as soon as I heard about it that I probably wouldn't care for the fact that it was a modern war theme with US far over powering and technically advanced against the middle east who have very few decent weapons to defend themselves with let alone attack with. But I knew dam well what to expect before I preordered it. And I as well as most who are enjoying it are well aware of the mouse/key command issues, the lack of certain behavioral commands and poor AI tactics in quick battles, path finding (which realistically could be worse, I've seen far worse in many other games) and anything else which they could find to not like about it or rather to make it not be good enough for them.

Go play CMx1 or a board game if you don't like this! I don't think the former has much over Shock force as far as realism and how tactically involved you can get. Sure I'd prefer a WWII setting but I also like being able to play something different yet the same type of game.

And if you think its no better than RTS titles like "Faces of war" or "Codename Panzers", then go play them and compare, see how realistic they are see how long it take before you get bore with the same simple rush tactics it takes to win every battle.

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loll oh my Dog face i think that grammar is not the problem here..

1 it was late in the night *because of playing this cooooool game*

2 i guess that you should state your sarcasm somewhere else and only state it when its GOOD sarcasm ;)

3 i think you are 1 of the customers that is not satisfied with the game i may assume?

well its your right of course to speak out, just try ahm to talk about the game heh, its more useful than talking about grammar ;)

peace to ya all unless of course i posted "dear people i need lessons in grammar" which i did not

for the rest peace to you also ;)

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adminttd, unfortunately grammar and poor spelling abounds in the forum here. However, I realize that english is not the native tongue for some of the posters here, and from looking at your profile I guessed that was the case for you. That is why I edited my post with the caveat that your english skills are much better than my spanish skills.

One thing though is that I detest emoticons and never use them, which leads to some posters misunderstanding my typing. However, I am enjoying CM:SF now, just as much as all of the other Combat Mission games that came before it. I am also looking forward to the patches that will only improve the game as they did with CMBO, CMBB and CMAK.

As for FaxisAxis, if you could point to a post where I typed either Uh..Ghh or even Ghh I would appreciate it as I would like to fix the posts. Tee hee oh, ugly Dog face. I see what you are doing there, its a play on my name. Not a very good one, nor is it original but don't worry I caught it.

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Originally posted by adminttd:

i mean common there are also good things to report than just complaining and beeping "this game has this and that and this does not work and so on"

anyone that has NO problems like me?

please report.....

Have you tryed playing a QB scenario?

What's your experience with that?

Do you have ANY of the ingame bugs reported?

What system do you use to run CMSF? And with which settings?

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sure there are good things in the game! but these make me play the game(otherwhise i wouldnt play it :D ) and dont bring me into the forums to talk about, how cool is this and how cool is that.

everyone see it in his game "how cool it is" and it doesnt need to be changed, whats why its rarely brought up, or the treads are gone verry fast.

best would be noone is here, all are playing or doing scenarios...but it isnt like that.

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