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PBEM in CMx2


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Yeah... the dancing thing. Oddly enough, that isn't an TacAI or AI problem per se. It has to do with the fact that Suppression and Morale aren't separate factors, combined with the fact the unit has no memory. This is why Charles was only able to tweak the behavior to be better than it was, but was not able to fix it. CMx2 has separate factors and unit memory, so this shouldn't be a problem at all going forward.

Kip... I always consider the "AI" as the stuff strictly related to the non-Human opponant. TacAI is equally applicable to both, so it really is a separate thing. So when I agree with the criticism about the "AI" I'm only agreeing with the comments about, basically, the direction of opposing units in the hands of the computer player. Having said that, I do think we have the best, most flexible AI of any tactical type game ever. It's just not "good enough" to satisfy people over time since the AI never really does anything differently. CMx2 will fix some of that without any dbout... but it remains to be seen how that affects the overall impression of the AI's challenge.


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