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Only had 1 game of TCP/IP game is this usuall

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Argghhh. Please, please, please use the English that 12 years of tax payer funded education gave you. Typos are acceptable, misspelling is Ok, and no one really cares about finer grammar points. However, such simple things as capitalization and punctuation do wonders for not making people's eyes bleed when they read your posts. Which generally generates more replies.

Oh, and try combatmission.com's chat room.

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I've got four e-mail games going just by searching the opponents forum for people that post or reply to 'PBEM wanted" threads.

And I haven't played CM PBEM for several years (jsut a few games vs AI in CMBB) after I stopped playing CMBO. I just e-mailed my very first opponent and we have a VERY entertaining game going.

Just today I e-mailed some other forumites about games. Starting a PBEM reminds me of being 7 again and seeing somebody playing with toys (WWII toys, naturally). A 7 year-old will just walk up to the kid and ask to start playing. That's all you need to do.


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Do you get a big adrenalin rush when playing?. We used to play 1 or 2 minute turns depending on the points involved. [1500-3000]

Company moves for speed relying on the AI , and cocentrating more accurate mangement on hot spots.Fast and inaccurate play but balanced for realism as borg spotting became substantially less effective. You simply did not have the time to precicely place all your troops to answer every possible siting or check ALL your lines of site across the board.

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