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  1. You can also try "Hitler's Son" - CMBB, at the Boots & Tracks web site. Heavy fog, it simulates the Soviet attack on the SS Walloon brigade at Novo-Buda during the final phases of the Korsun Pocket operation.
  2. Check out the below link to the book "Sledgehammers". This book only concerns itself with the tactical usage & mechanical reliability of the Tiger...I think it will answer your questions. Lots of maps & photo maps. http://www.jjfpub.mb.ca/target!_-_treffer!.htm
  3. I sent out my 1st turn to you, a couple of days ago, will resend
  4. Agreed,no rush, I was just posting a status report,take your time.
  5. All setups sent out,finished turn 1 in 'Maleme' with vadr. Waiting for green-as-jade's setup for 'Sanitarium'
  6. come on man, release it...I'm starting to experience pre-mature ejaculation just looking at it.
  7. Over complicated, should read... Couple of .22 rounds behind the ear </font>
  8. IF you are interested in a PBEM game drop me an email, any scenario/op
  9. And while you're at it, stop being a poopy head ... oh, and send an email in support of Brad and Jen. Joe [/QB]
  10. Hello. We try not to let events from the Outerboards, especially not the lovable old General forum, follow us in here. If we did, we would not have been around for almost five years. If we can't stand someone who is posting here we don't try to settle it here. Now, you've responded to the initial post where you were mentioned, everyone knows the score, we can all get back to our regular verbiage. No one is stopping you from hanging around, just keep Outerboard enmity (emnity? Can't be bothered to look that up) outside. Others have managed that rather nicely over the years, even if you wouldn't
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