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Recommend Me a Desert Scenario

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To be blunt for a change, it aint easy to find a balanced and challenging scenario of any type, let alone a Brit/Com -v- German combined arms job in the desert. No more than 2000, large map, ME sounds good, post Matilda dominated era sounds even better.

So, some of you seem to have some clue, what do you suggest, politely? smile.gif

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The best desert battle IMHO is "Dune(s)". It is however, bigger than what you want. It also has Matildas. I have yet to beat the AI (twice) and got a very enjoyable "draw" result (unless you're the type who can't have fun unless you win)in a PBEM.

I also liked "Khamsin" if you like chaotic meeting engagements in a dust storm (I did).

Or try some of the ops.

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Originally posted by jbertles:

At the risk of blowing my own horn you might try "Wadi Yawant" and the sequel "Bridge Over Troubled Wadi" at the Depot. Just ignore the awful puns...

And thanks Tooz, for recommending Dune(s). It is one of my favorites, if only because the terrain is so over-the-top (so to speak).

Scenario Depot

Just started "Bridge over Troubled Wadi" (and enjoyed the pun smile.gif ) as the Allies, it looks great, and I highly recommend the third.
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