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Australian military history request for the Grogs

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Can any of the Australian history Grogs recommend books that cover the following period:

Dec 1941-June 1942 in the Pacific, primarily Malaysia, Indonesia and New Guinea.

Looking for detailed information of use to a scenario designer of company sized battles. ie maps, diagrams and OOBs.


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Australia in the war of 1939-45

Series 1

The Japanese thrust - Lionel Wigmore

South West Pacific Area - First Year by Dudley McCarthy

The New Guine Offensives by David Dexter.

There is also an excellent book on the 9th Division in Finschafen... Its very new and published by Oxford press for the Australian Army. I don't have the title though.



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Thanks Jrcar

Not sure if I can produce anything for N. Africa, I lack any historical resources where I live (no libraries or descent bookstores) will be ordering some of the materials above.

If anyone knows of a good online source of downunder company level info for N. Africa let me know. I found some material, particularly for "ruin ridge" but lack any background......actually I checked the SD and found a shocking lack of Aussie scenarios, disgraceful, where are all those ozzie scenario designers?

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