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Silly, silly, silly question ... but I can't sleep :( - BMPs performance

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So we say every deafult hull bmps graphic (for tanks - example) weights 385Kb and has resolution 512x256 ---- no matter how much colour has and how detailed is - the weight is always 385KB (when resoltion remains 512x256). My question is (is so stupid, but ...) if BMP has more details (usually mods are more detailed than deafult graphic)but still remain 385KB/512x256 then it has significanse for game perfomance (frames rate). For example if MikeyD superb detailed mods slows down performance when they replaced a deafult (less detailed) graphic ?

This is some kind of myth, but I want to discover the truth ;)


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Marcin T,

When it comes to displaying and processing graphics, especially 3-D in full motion, there's no free lunch. The more pixels and colors you have, the bigger the hit on the graphic processor first of all

and then overall computer performance. It is for this reason that many mod users elect to use simplified grass, reduced tree displays, etc., in order to avoid overloading their rigs. Of course, those who own powerful computers with high capacity video cards and tons of RAM can run all the bells and whistles. One workaround if you don't own a beast of a PC but still want lots of graphic goodies in use is to stick to smaller battles.


John Kettler

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Yes, thanks John. But my question is: For example we've got a KV2. Its hull graphic has BMP number 7120 and size 385KB and has 512x256 resolution. So deafult KV2 even if is quite detailed, isn't as detailed like in some mods (especialy in high detailed MikeyD or Gautrek mods). But this mods still remain with hull's BMP size 385KB and resolution of 512x256. So for computer this is the same - no matter if it is deafult BMP or moded BMP - the same size and resolotion. So I think the performance should be the same ... but moded texture has better visual quality - although still has the same size and resolution. How it depends on game performance ?

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There are hi-res mods which are employ artwork scaled up for example your '512x256' to '1024 x 512'. The most memorable are a series of sky mods. Using these hi-res mods will slow loading time and obviously slow panning and scrolling through scenes. Plus the puter will sometimes scale back graphics in very large scenarios giving a noticable pixelated appearance.

CMBO used relatively low res mods and the high res mods for that became 'standard' for CMBB and CMAK as 'puters and graphics advanced in the meantime.

A redrawn (modded) BMP at the same resolution and file size will not inflict a performance hit.

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