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Gun movement

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This is nitpicking and I know it:

When moving a gun, why does it have to excessively rotate (angles < 270 AND > 90) by turning the forward part of the gun towards its intended movement direction?

It's pretty painful to watch an inf gun pivot 180 degrees before prolonging backwards just to have it pivot 180 degrees again to face forward. It should be easy enough to push most guns in either direction. In some cases it should be far easier to pull a gun.

Mortars do the same thing but they rotate quick enough for the rotation not to be bothersome. This is not so with most guns.

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The lack of a reverse command for guns is a known weakness in the game.

Given that guns in CMBB are usually in foxholes or trenches I don't find the extra penatily to be that inappropriate.

A trick is to have a towing vehicle parked near the gun, then then gun "warps" the last 5 meters.

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What I find useful and I always forget to do, is to have a mortar set to fire a smoke screen to cover the gun's slow retreat. Doing things at the right time is the key here, you don't want to have your gun start turning around, be shot to the back by a 152mm, and only then the corpses and pieces of metal covered by smoke!

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