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** Mod Preview ** Early Tiger I - winter version

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Hi Gentlemen,

I have recently reopened the PSP files of the Tiger and "play" with... ...trying different camo tests, I finally create a whitewashed scheme smile.gif

Here is the pic :


It needs some fixes (I have forgottent the turret roof redface.gif ) and maybe some improvements : markings for example ?

Any suggestion is very appreciated ;)

Best regards

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Hi !

I wasn't there for the entire week-end so thank you to all for the posts smile.gif Reading this is a nice moment !

Originally posted by Zimorodok:

Hey Bogdan. How about using the late-war balkenkreuz

Yes ! Why not, but this is an early Tiger. Is the marking historically correct for winter 42-43 ? :confused: Anyway, I will test it !

Originally posted by Warmaker:

A little bit of snow settled on horizontal surfaces would add a bit to it.

It would be nice but I'm a green modder, how can I do this nicely ?

Originally posted by Rob Murray:

It looks very good. May I suggest that if you put tactical numbers on it; use 101 or 808? Something along those lines so that they look correct on both sides of the vehicle. I'm thinking about CM's mirror effect.

I was seriously thinking about it :D

Originally posted by tooz:

Aerial recognition flags (as an option) are always welcome, IMO.

It would be great : a svastika flag with oil spots and snow... ...but maybe a bit hard to realize for me redface.gif

Ok then, some work to do now !!

All the best.

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