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  1. Aren't those GPS satellites are more like 23,000 miles up? And, if I am not mistaken, there are dozens of them. Redundancy upon redundancy. China might get a few of them but I doubt they have the lift capability to get enough of them to make a big difference. I can see it now... China starts lobbing GPS killers, the US deploys Airborne Lasers to knock the killers out doing boost phase and the escalation continues and the Space Lobsters dip us in butter and lemon...now that would be gamey :eek:
  2. "Look at it this way, would you give Mexico to Syrians?" Absolutely!!!!
  3. This has been a very interesting "discussion." I have a B.A. in History focusing on Middle Eastern history and minored in Middle Eastern Culture. I did the unusual and did my studies from an Arabic point of view. As such I have tons of Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Jordanian etc friends (and a few Iranians who are ardently not Arabic) who I still talk to on a regular basis and more than one has told me that Shias are suicidal and Sunnis are homicidal. In other words, Shias are willing to die for their faith and Sunnis are willing to kill for it. We are seeing this in Iraq. I, for one, su
  4. Lets move on to something really important now that we now PBEM will be in except on thursdays after Labor Day, but before Boxing Day in Canada, and you are not stuck in Iraq because you can't navigate the excellent American educational system(the rest of the world beware) But really, whose grass mod will they be using?
  5. In all seriousness Kurtz is spot on correct. Every new claim must be veiwed with a critical eye. While working on my PhD I have become very accustomed to the questions: "show me the data?" and "describe your methodology?" Expecting people to have faith in your claims is just not realistic. In today's society there very little education in the use of critical thinking. The word 'critical' has taken on negative connotations when it is really just a matter of taking a hard and honest look at the claim and, for the time being, accepting the results whether or not if they are in agreement with t
  6. The real conspiracy is being conducted by the entertainment industry. They have subjigated a large portion of the world population, through the use of Micheal Moore films, to beleive in conspiracy theories. They have contrived to have these modern theories in place to coverup the fact, and it is a fact, that there is nothing on TV worth watching. They, and we all know who "they" is (are?),need to ensure that large corporation keep buying airtime to hawk their wares and what better way than to condition the world population into believing everything that is in print, video or MP3 files. I kno
  7. Space lobsters should be included so they can kidnap the Southern Belles who would be clad in burkas. Or better yet put the space lobsters in burkas and have the Southern Belles kidnap them and have them constipated. Why not have the space lobsters constipated too, just like the original idea of this thread is.
  8. Let me address the fact that the American are surrounding Iran. The Iranians are not stupid and they know that American public opinion will not allow any further (I really hate this term) American military adventurism and they know that the Americans will not open a "third front" against them, at least not overtly. The Iranians are not worried about the EU either for what I think are obvious reasons. Are the Americans putting pressure on Iran, absolutely and they should be. But once again I say, lets let them join that exclusive club and let them find out just how easily and effectively it wi
  9. "Iran is surrounded by mighty armies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asian states friendly to the US, but the Iranians are asked “why are you paranoid”. Even though we call you evil and say you can’t have this, you mustn’t be allowed that, your way of life doesn’t suit us, “why do you fear us.” The Iranians aren’t stupid, they see the North Korean intransigent stance, and they know a bomb is their only salvation." Uhm...no last I heard the Iraqi army was efectively destroyed by the US Army, The Afghans haven't had a real army for 25 years, The Pakistanis as more worried abou
  10. 49 years old here, but the wife says I act like a twelve year old. My nineteen year old son and I play chess every week and its getting the point where I actually have to work to beat him now, but he is strictly RTS otherwise.
  11. Greetings all, I normally avoid these types of discussions but in this case I want to put in my opinion. The question was raised as to why we study history? We study history so we don't make the same mistakes twice. We, as the American Public, Are making the same mistake again and it is the same one we make as a group time and time again. As for comparing the Iraqi "adventure" to the Vietnam Fiasco we can find certain similiarities as well as dissimilarities. (Dissimilaity) The Iraqi war against the insurgency is just that, a war against insurgency(as far as we currently know). Vietnam ha
  12. P. Killick. Shukran! During my Arabic classes all those years ago my professors were constantly reminding us that Arabic, like English, was full of exceptions and slang. Once I finish up this PhD I am think about going back and re-learning Arabic. I think it is a language and culture that could be (he states with some trepidation) re-emergent.
  13. Allahu Akbar means God is Great, Breaking it down, if my college Arabic holds up, Lah is the term for God. Al is the definitive hence Allah means the The God or One God, akbar means Great. So the term Allahu Akbar literally means God is Great. I think the statement is actually Allahu alakbar One term I heard on CNN during GW1 that really got my attention was when an Iraqi was surrendering nad he was saying Allah imteehan'naa or God has tested, or, humiliated us.
  14. For crying out loud! All this forgiveness and not harsh word anywhere. I am in the right forum? . CM:SF = Combat Mission:Smoochy Face P.S. I can't wait to see a TOW streak across the screen.
  15. The development and accuracy of the "D" template is absolutely amazing... I am just as amazed as how many people did not read the ENTIRE initial post from BF.C but stopped as soon as they see something they don't like and go ballistic. I find these folks very entertaining and they keep me amused between game releases. BTW CMC looks very cool.
  16. US Navy 1974-78 Operations Specialist, No combat but we did chase alot of Russians around the Sea of Japan when they weren't chasing us or cutting off the Carrier during flight ops.
  17. Come on folks! this is getting ridiculous. If you are able to... step back and take an objective look at your posts that argue that it is not a game without PBEM. You sound like four year olds who want a red lollipop becuase a green one isn't really a lollipop. You also seem to be grasping at straws in your agruments now. At least in my opinion you have lost your crediblity. Put yourselves in BF.C's shoes and try to look at there side of the argument and what they NEED to accomplish here. I am reading this new development as an attempt to actually EXPAND their customer base, and stick wi
  18. I don't know what the big deal is, I am sure that some enterprising programmer will write some 3rd party freeware application that will allow PBEM if BF.C doesn't do it first. I would rather see the wargame genre evolve and grow than stagnate and die. This type of design, demonstrated by BF.C, must be persued. Open your minds and enjoy the games for what they are, oh, and have some faith and optimism.
  19. I like to play both PBEM and solitaire. I don't care much for head-to-head play right now due to time constraints and when I do play HTH I like to play over a map on a table. I like solitaire to learn "how" to play the game and for entertainment purposes. However, I am a competitive person and need to play another person to get the full enjoyment out of a game. The forums are a great way to find opponents for competetitive play. I just wish I had more time.
  20. - posted February 12, 2005 18:31 Profile for dangerousdave Email dangerousdave Edit/Delete Post Reply With Quote As the great Captain Kirk once said, "Everything I say is a lie." "I am lying"
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