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New blood at CMHQ

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Hello all, this latest news brief from CMHQ should be self explanatory:

Jeff 'Jwxspoon' Weatherspoon has stepped up to be a part of the CMHQ team. Jeff will now be the point man for all news and general information articles coming out of CMHQ. If it happens in the Combat Mission universe, Jwxspoon will try to sniff it out and report on it. Jeff has big shoes to fill - Superted did a fantastic job! With your support we can help CMHQ return to the Combat Mission news Center that it once was!

Anyone wishing to submit news articles should email them to Jeff.


I am currently compiling a listing of webmasters and websites to email with regard to news postings. If you wish your site to be included in regular correspondence, please feel free to email me with a quick note of who you are, your web site, etc. I'd love to include all of these great new modders as well as the new websites that have sprung up since the release of CMBB. As always, if you have any news that may benefit the entire Combat Mission world, please email me or visit us at Combat Mission HQ.



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Thanks guys. I am excited about some of the new changes coming down the road for CMHQ. Madmatt is committed to continuing the standard of excellence that CMHQ has set for a long time. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of it.

Rex - thanks for the suggestion regarding COG. I'm not sure if you are aware of it, but CMHQ currently hosts ALL of the CMMOS mods (plenty more coming, too) and will continue to do so, as well as continuing to host a tremendous amount of content relating to CMBO as well as CMBB. CMHQ is not a BFC server, it is maintained and funded by Matt himself. I have not dicussed COG's excellent site with Matt, but I do know that CMHQ will continue to offer the necessary support and hosting for our own ever growing library of regular mods and CMMOS content for the community.


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Well, let me clarify that while CMHQ is not RUN by BFC, it is hosted on a server that is owned by BFC, although the physical server itself was built by me long ago.

Battlefront allows me to run CMHQ as I wish (like they have a choice, in fact 20% or so of BFC IS me!) and much of the custom software that runs on it (the chat system and newscripts) were purchased by me way before I was ever hired and when CMHQ was just a side hobby for me and Fionn.

What does this mean? Well it means that BFC does foot the bill for all the CMHQ bandwidth which is why we have the largest repository of mods for CM in existance. Over 5 gig at last count.

I do want to let people know that it is possible that at some point in the future all old content (read: CMBO mods and files) will be removed in order to make room for newer stuff. Capacity is not infinite on that server. But that is a long ways off still.

So for now, we have an influx of eager new blood and things should be getting back on track!


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