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Autocannon calculation question

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Okay, I ran a search on this and didn't find anything so...

Does the game count the rounds fired by an autocannon seperately or as one round... ie- when something like a 2cm or 40mm AA fires 6 or 3 or however many rounds in a burst does it calculate six shots, or just one 'burst'. Now there are two arguements for me...

1) You see the proper number of rounds flying downrange, so yes, it must figure all of them BUT

2) It only removes one increment of ammunition lost and when a target is hit you only see it give one report of impact (turret front...) .

So- firing many calculated rounds or one goofy 'burst'?



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The German 20L55 auto has just 40-50 rounds in an AC or HT. Gone in 8-10 bursts would render them useless after a single "mad minute" turn of intense firing.

Explain that to the masses when....

...The Italian 20L65 has individual shots - it has 200+ rounds in an AC

...the German 20/28mm PzB has 160+ shots in a HT 25x/11 (single shot).



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